|| An index of mainly mainstream contemporary poetry. ||

Poet List

There are currently 21,248 poets indexed in kalliope. The above link offers an alphabetical list of all the poets who have publications captured in the database.

Journal List

There are currently 103,880 poems published in literary journals and indexed in kalliope. The above link offers an alphabetical list of journals that have been recorded in the database.

Publisher List

A list of publishers who have special focus on or exclusively publish poetry.

University List

To the degree that thekalliope can serve as a resource for those pursuing college and university creative writing programs, there are lists below linking to alphabetical lists of colleges. Publishing poets on faculty of these colleges are referenced via the college's page.

Poets of interest with New and Upcoming Books

Sarah Vap
Winter: Effulgences, Devotions
(Noemi Press, 2019)
Albert Goldbarth
The Now
(University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019)
Lesle Lewis
Rainy Days on the Farm
(Fence Books, 2019)
Alan Shapiro
Against Translation
(University of Chicago Press, 2019)
Krystal Languell
Quite Apart
(University of Akron Press, 2019)
Chris Martin
Things to Do in Hell
(Coffee House Press, 2020)
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
Travesty Generator
(Noemi Press, 2019)
Joseph Campana
The Book of LIFE
(Tupelo Press, 2019)
Don Mee Choi
DMZ Colony
(Wave Books, 2020)
Rebecca Hazelton
(University of Wisconsin Press, 2019)