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Best American Poetry 2016

Table of Contents:

Christopher Bakken - "Sentence"
(originally appeared in Birmingham Poetry Review 42)

Catherine Barnett - "O Esperanza"
(originally appeared in Tin House 64)

Rick Barot - "Whitman, 1841"
(originally appeared in Waxwing 6)

Jill Bialosky - "Daylight Savings"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 46)

Paula Bohince - "Fruits de Mer"
(originally appeared in Parnassus 34.1)

Michelle Boisseau - "Ugglig"
(originally appeared in Gettysburg Review 28.2)

Marianne Boruch - "I Get to Float Invisible"
(originally appeared in Georgia Review 69.3)

David Bottoms - "Hubert Blankenship"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.1)

Michael Collier - "Last Morning with Steve Orlen"
(originally appeared in Greensboro Review 96)

Allison Davis - "The Heart Of It All + A Free Beer"
(originally appeared in Sycamore Review 26.2)

Olena Kalytiak Davis - "On the Certainty of Bryan"
(originally appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review 32.1)

Natalie Diaz - "How the Milky Way Was Made"
(originally appeared in American Poet 49)

Denise Duhamel - "Humanity 101"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.1)

Lynn Emanuel - "My Life"
(originally appeared in New York Times Magazine 2015.11)

Claudia Emerson - "Cyst"
(originally appeared in Subtropics 19)

Martin Espada - "Here I Am"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 44.2)

Peter Everwine - "The Kiskiminetas River"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.2)

Alexis Rhone Fancher - "When I turned fourteen, my mother's sister took me to lunch and said:"
(originally appeared in Ragazine 2015.08)

Charles Fort - "One Had Lived in a Room and Loved Nothing"
(originally appeared in Green Mountains Review 28.1)

Emily Fragos - "The Sadness of Clothes"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2015.07)

Dana Gioia - "Meet Me at the Lighthouse"
(originally appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review 91.3)

Jorie Graham - "Reading to My Father"
(originally appeared in Boston Review 40.5)

Juliana Gray - "The Lady Responds"
(originally appeared in River Styx 93)

Linda Gregerson - "Font"
(originally appeared in Raritan 35.1)

Jennifer Grotz - "Self-Portrait on the Street of an Unnamed Foreign City"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2015.09)

Mark Halliday - "Doctor Scheef"
(originally appeared in Copper Nickel 20)

Jeffrey Harrison - "Afterword"
(originally appeared in New York Times Magazine 2015.1)

Terrance Hayes - "Barberism"
(originally appeared in New York Times Magazine 2015.1)

Tony Hoagland - "Bible Study"
(originally appeared in Poetry 205.6)

Cynthia Hogue - "The Unwritten Volume"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 88.4)

Erin Hoover - "Girls"
(originally appeared in Crab Orchard Review 20.2)

Richard Howard - "85 Off & On"
(originally appeared in Yale Review 103.2)

T. R. Hummer - "Minutiae"
(originally appeared in Hinchas de Poesia 17)

Ishion Hutchinson - ""Morning Tableau""
(originally appeared in Connotations Press 2012.1)

Major Jackson - "Aubade"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 91.12)

Lawrence Joseph - "Visions of Labor"
(originally appeared in London Review of Books 37.12)

Julie Kane - "As If"
(originally appeared in Cherry Tree 1)

Suji Kwock Kim - "Return of the Native"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 41.1)

Loretta Collins Klobah - "Tissue Gallery"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 91.37)

John Koethe - "The Swimmer"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 213)

Yusef Komunyakaa - "The Fool"
(originally appeared in Tin House 63)

Keetje Kuipers - "We Drive Home from the Lake, Sand in Our Shoes"
(originally appeared in Gulf Coast 28.1)

Deborah Landau - "Solitaire"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 90.45)

Li-Young Lee - "Folding a Five-Cornered Star So the Corners Meet"
(originally appeared in Image 86)

Philip Levine - "More Than You Gave"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 91.3)

Larry Levis - "If He Came & Diminished Me & Mapped My Way"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.2)

Robin Coste Lewis - "On the Road to Sri Bhuvaneshwari"
(originally appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books 8)

Thomas Lux - "Ode While Awaiting Execution"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 41.1)

Paul Mariani - "Psalm for the Lost"
(originally appeared in Image 83)

Debra K. Marquart - "Lament"
(originally appeared in New Letters 81.1)

Cate Marvin - "High School in Suzhou"
(originally appeared in New England Review 36.1)

Morgan Parker - "Everything Will Be Taken Away"
(originally appeared in Paperbag Magazine 8)

Hai-Dang Phan - "My Father's "Norton Introduction to Literature," Third Edition (1981)"
(originally appeared in Poetry 207.2)

Rowan Ricardo Phillips - "The First Last Light in the Sky"
(originally appeared in The Common 9)

Stanley Plumly - "Variation on a Line from Elizabeth Bishop's Five Flights Up"
(originally appeared in Poetry 206.3)

James Richardson - "Late Aubade"
(originally appeared in Yale Review 103.1)

Patrick Rosal - "At the Tribunals"
(originally appeared in New England Review 35.4)

Brenda Shaughnessy - "But I'm the Only One"
(originally appeared in The Literary Review 57.4)

Anya Silver - "Maid Maleen"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 47)

Taije Silverman - "Grief"
(originally appeared in Massachusetts Review 56.2)

Tom Sleigh - "Prayer for Recovery"
(originally appeared in Raritan 34.4)

David St. John - "Vineyard"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.2)

A. E. Stallings - "Alice, Bewildered"
(originally appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review 91.4)

Frank Stanford - "Cotton You Lose in the Field"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2015.04)

Susan Stewart - "What Piranesi Knew"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 212)

Nomi Stone - "Drones: An Exercise in Awe-Terror"
(originally appeared in Tahoma Literary Review 2)

Adrienne Su - "Peaches"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2015.1)

James Tate - "Dome of the Hidden Temple"
(originally appeared in jubilat 26)

Lee Upton - "The Apology"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 91.4)

C. K. Williams - "Hog"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 91.2)

Eleanor Wilner - "To Think of How Cold"
(originally appeared in New Ohio Review 17)

Al Young - "The Drummer Omar: Poet of Percussion"
(originally appeared in Brilliant Corners 20.1)