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Best American Poetry 2017

Table of Contents:

Dan Albergotti - "Weapons Discharge Report"
(originally appeared in storySouth 42)

John Ashbery - "Commotion of the Birds"
(originally appeared in Harper's 1995)

Mary Jo Bang - "Admission"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 216)

David Barber - "On a Shaker Admonition"
(originally appeared in American Scholar 86.1)

Dan Beachy-Quick - "Apophatic"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 48)

Bruce Bond - "Homage to a Painter of Small Things"
(originally appeared in Raritan 35.3)

John Brehm - "Intrigue in the Trees"
(originally appeared in The Sun 484)

Jericho Brown - "Bullet Points"
(originally appeared in Buzzfeed 2016.03)

Nickole Brown - "The Dead"
(originally appeared in Cave Wall 14)

Cyrus Cassells - "Elegy with a Gold Cradle"
(originally appeared in Agni 83)

Isaac Cates - "Fidelity and the Dead Singer"
(originally appeared in American Scholar 85.2)

Allison Cobb - "I Forgive You"
(originally appeared in Denver Quarterly 50.4)

Leonard Cohen - "Steer Your Way"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 92.18)

Michael Collier - "A Wild Tom Turkey"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 42.1)

Billy Collins - "The Present"
(originally appeared in New Ohio Review 19)

Carl Dennis - "Two Lives"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 92.1)

Claudia Emerson - "Spontaneous Remission"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 52.4)

David Feinstein - "Kaddish"
(originally appeared in jubilat 30)

Carolyn Forche - "The Boatman"
(originally appeared in Poetry 209.1)

Vievee Francis - "Given to These Proclivities, By God"
(originally appeared in Cherry Tree 2)

Amy Gerstler - "Dead Butterfly"
(originally appeared in Fifth Wednesday 19)

Reginald Gibbons - "Canasta"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 42.1)

Margaret Gibson - "Passage"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 52.1)

Aracelis Girmay - "from The Black Maria"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 48)

Jeffrey Harrison - "Higher Education"
(originally appeared in Yale Review 104.1)

Terrance Hayes - "Ars Poetica with Bacon"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 92.21)

W. J. Herbert - "Mounting the Dove Box"
(originally appeared in Southwest Review 101.1)

Tony Hoagland - "Cause of Death: Fox News"
(originally appeared in The Sun 485)

John Hodgen - "Hamlet Texts Guildenstern About Playing Upon the Pipe"
(originally appeared in Antioch Review 74.2)

David Brendan Hopes - "Certain Things"
(originally appeared in New Ohio Review 20)

Major Jackson - "The Flaneur Tends a Well-Liked Summer Cocktail"
(originally appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review 92.4)

John James - "History (n.)"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 38.5)

Rodney Jones - "Homecoming"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 38.4)

Fady Joudah - "Progress Notes"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 38.4)

Meg Kearney - "Grackle"
(originally appeared in Massachusetts Review 57.3)

John Koethe - "The Age of Anxiety"
(originally appeared in Raritan 35.2)

Yusef Komunyakaa - "from The Last Bohemian of Avenue A"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 45.3)

Danusha Lameris - "The Watch"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 45.6)

Dorianne Laux - "Lapse"
(originally appeared in Plume 2014.06)

Philip Levine - "Rain in Winter"
(originally appeared in Threepenny Review 147)

Amit Majmudar - "Kill List"
(originally appeared in The Nation 303.07)

Jamaal May - "Things That Break"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 42.1)

Judson Mitcham - "White"
(originally appeared in Cave Wall 14)

John Murillo - "Upon Reading That Eric Dolphy Transcribed Even the Calls of Certain Species of Birds,"
(originally appeared in Poetry 207.5)

Joyce Carol Oates - "To Marlon Brando in Hell"
(originally appeared in Salmagundi 190)

Sharon Olds - "Ode to the Glans"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 42.1)

Matthew Olzmann - "Letter Beginning with Two Lines by Czeslaw Milosz"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2016.01)

Gregory Orr - "Three Dark Proverb Sonnets"
(originally appeared in Mississippi Review 43.3)

Carl Phillips - "Rockabye"
(originally appeared in Callaloo 39.1)

Rowan Ricardo Phillips - "Halo"
(originally appeared in American Scholar 85.3)

Robert Pinsky - "Names"
(originally appeared in Salmagundi 190)

Stanley Plumly - "Poliomyelitis"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 42.1)

Paisley Rekdal - "Assemblage of Ruined Plane Parts, Vietnam Military Museum, Hanoi"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 38.6)

Michael Ryan - "The Mercy Home"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 38.2)

Sherod Santos - "I Went for a Walk in Winter"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 48)

Taije Silverman - "Where to Put It"
(originally appeared in Georgia Review 70.3)

Charles Simic - "Seeing Things"
(originally appeared in Threepenny Review 147)

Danez Smith - "last summer of innocence"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 89.4)

Maggie Smith - "Good Bones"
(originally appeared in Waxwing 9)

R. T. Smith - "Maricon"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 90.2)

David St. John - "Emanations"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 52.2)

A. E. Stallings - "Shattered"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 49)

Pamela Sutton - "Afraid to Pray"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 90.2)

Chase Twichell - "Sad Song"
(originally appeared in Salmagundi 190)

James Valvis - "Something"
(originally appeared in The Sun 487)

Emily Van Kley - "Dear Skull"
(originally appeared in Georgia Review 70.1)

Wendy Videlock - "Deconstruction"
(originally appeared in Hopkins Review 9.4)

Lucy Wainger - "Scheherazade."
(originally appeared in Poetry 209.3)

Crystal Williams - "Double Helix"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 45.4)

Christian Wiman - "Prelude"
(originally appeared in Sewanee Review 124.1)

Monica Youn - "Greenacre"
(originally appeared in New England Review 37.1)

C. Dale Young - "Precatio simplex"
(originally appeared in The Collagist 85)

Dean Young - "Like a Blue Door Opening in the Distance"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 45.2)

Kevin Young - "Money Road"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 92.2)

Matthew Zapruder - "Poem for Vows"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2016.08)