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Best American Poetry 2018

Table of Contents:

Allison Adair - "Miscarriage"
(originally appeared in Southwest Review 101.4)

Kaveh Akbar - "Against Dying"
(originally appeared in Tin House 71)

A. R. Ammons - "Finishing Up"
(originally appeared in Poetry 210.5)

David Barber - "Sherpa Song"
(originally appeared in Southwest Review 101.3)

Andrew Bertaina - "A Translator's Note"
(originally appeared in Threepenny Review 149)

Frank Bidart - "Mourning What We Thought We Were"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 92.46)

George Bradley - "Those Were the Days"
(originally appeared in Raritan 36.3)

Brendan Constantine - "The Opposites Game"
(originally appeared in American Journal of Poetry 2)

Maryann Corbett - "Prayer Concerning the New, More "Accurate" Translation of Certain Prayers"
(originally appeared in Rattle 55)

Robert Cording - "Toast to My Dead Parents"
(originally appeared in Sewanee Review 124.4)

Cynthia Cruz - "Artaud"
(originally appeared in Bennington Review 3)

Dick Davis - "A Personal Sonnet"
(originally appeared in Hudson Review 69.4)

Nausheen Eusuf - "Pied Beauty"
(originally appeared in Birmingham Poetry Review 44)

Jonathon Galassi - "Orient Epithalamion"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 42.43)

Jessica Goodfellow - "Test"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 53.4)

Joy Harjo - "An American Sunrise"
(originally appeared in Poetry 209.5)

Terrance Hayes - "American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassins"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 93.22)

R. Nemo Hill - "The View from the Bar"
(originally appeared in Hopkins Review 10.2)

Tony Hoagland - "Into the Mystery"
(originally appeared in The Sun 500)

Anna Maria Hong - "Yonder, A Rental"
(originally appeared in Ecotone 22)

Paul Hoover - ""I Am the Size of What I See""
(originally appeared in Fifth Wednesday 20)

Marie Howe - "Walking Home"
(originally appeared in New York Times Magazine 2017.05)

Ilya Kaminsky - "We Lvied Happily During the War"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 46.2)

Stephen Kampa - "The Quiet Boy"
(originally appeared in Birmingham Poetry Review 44)

Suji Kwock Kim - "Sonogram Song"
(originally appeared in Southword 21)

Karl Kirchwey - "Palazzo Maldura"
(originally appeared in Plume 68)

Nate Klug - "Aconite"
(originally appeared in Raritan 36.4)

David Mason - "First Christmas in the village"
(originally appeared in New Criterion 35.04)