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Best American Poetry 2019

Table of Contents:

Dilruba Ahmed - "Phase One"
(originally appeared in Asian American Literary Review 8.2)

Rosa Alcala - "You & the Raw Bullets"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.02)

Margaret Atwood - "Update on Werewolves"
(originally appeared in Freeman's 5)

Catherine Barnett - "Central Park"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 47.4)

Joshua Bennett - "America Will Be"
(originally appeared in The Nation 306.05)

Fleda Brown - "Afternoons at the Lake"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 54.3)

Sumita Chakraborty - "ESSAY ON JOY"
(originally appeared in The Rumpus 2018.05)

Victoria Chang - "Obit"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 40.4)

Chen Chen - "I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.04)

Leonard Cohen - "Drank a Lot"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 94.29)

Kate Daniels - "Metaphor-less"
(originally appeared in Five Points 18.2)

Carl Dennis - "Armed Neighbor"
(originally appeared in New Letters 84.4)

Toi Derricotte - "To the reader: On publishing a poem about the abuse in my childhood"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 91.4)

Thomas Devaney - "Brilliant Corners"
(originally appeared in Brooklyn Rail 2017.12)

Natalie Diaz - "Skin-Light"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.05)

Joanne Dominique Dwyer - "Decline in the Adoration of Jack-in-the-Pulpits"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 40.3)

Martin Espada - "I Now Pronounce You Dead"
(originally appeared in Massachusetts Review 58.4)

Nausheen Eusuf - "The Analytic Hour"
(originally appeared in American Scholar 87.1)

Vievee Francis - "Canzone in Blue, Then Bluer"
(originally appeared in Asheville Poetry Review 27)

Gabriella Garcia - "Guantanamera"
(originally appeared in Cincinnati Review 15.1)

Amy Gerstler - "Update"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 43.4)

Camille Guthrie - "Virgil, Hey"
(originally appeared in New Republic 249.07)

Yona Harvey - "Dark and Lovely After Take-Off (A Future)"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.1)

Robert Hass - "Dancing"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 46.6)

Terrance Hayes - "American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assasssin"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 51)

Juan F. Herrera - "Roll Under the Waves"
(originally appeared in Love's Executive Order 2018.06)

Bob Hicok - "Encore"
(originally appeared in Guernica 2016.12)

Edward Hirsch - "Stranger by Night"
(originally appeared in Threepenny Review 155)

Jane Hirshfield - "Ledger"
(originally appeared in Times Literary Supplement 5998)

James Hoch - "Sunflowers"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 47.1)

Bob Holman - "All Praise Cecil Taylor"
(originally appeared in Black Renaissance Noir 18.3)

Garrett K. Hongo - "The Bathers, Cassis"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 40.6)

Ishion Hutchinson - "Sympathy of a Clear Day"
(originally appeared in Freeman's 4)

Didi Jackson - "The Burning Bush"
(originally appeared in New England Review 39.1)

Major Jackson - "In Memory of Derek Alton Walcott"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 224)

Ilya Kaminsky - "From "Last Will and Testament""
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 227)

Ruth Ellen Kocher - "We May No Longer Consider the End"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.1)

Deborah Landau - "Soft Targets"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 47.5)

Quraysh Ali Lansana - "Higher Calling"
(originally appeared in Gulf Coast 30.1)

Li-Young Lee - "The Undressing"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 47.1)

David Lehman - "It Could Happen to You"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 93.39)

Ada Limon - "Cannibal Woman"
(originally appeared in SWWIM 2018.02)

Rebecca Lindenberg - "A Brief History of the Future Apocalypse"
(originally appeared in Southern Indiana Review 24.2)

Nabila Lovelace - "The S in "I Loves You, Porgy""
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.09)

Clarence Major - "Hair"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 94.12)

Gail Mazur - "At Land's End"
(originally appeared in Salamander 47)

Shane McCrae - "The President Visits the Storm"
(originally appeared in Iowa Review 48.2)

Jeffrey McDaniel - "Bio from a Parallel World"
(originally appeared in Southampton Review 13.1)

Campbell McGrath - "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool/The Founding of Brasilia (1950)"
(originally appeared in Salmagundi 199)

Ange Mlinko - "Sleepwalking in Venice"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 224)

Kamilah Aisha Moon - "Fannie Lou Hamer"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2018.04)

Andrew Motion - "The Last of England"
(originally appeared in American Scholar 86.4)

Paul Muldoon - "Aubade"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 94.46)

John Murillo - "On Confessionalism"
(originally appeared in The Common 16)

Carl Phillips - "Star Map with Action Figures"
(originally appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review 94.3)

Ishmael Reed - "Just Rollin' Along"
(originally appeared in Black Renaissance Noir 18.3)

Paisley Rekdal - "Four Marys"
(originally appeared in Agni 87)

Sonia Sanchez - "Belly, Buttocks and Straight Spines"
(originally appeared in Black Renaissance Noir 17.1)

Nicole Santalucia - "#MeToo"
(originally appeared in The Seventh Wave 8)

Philip Schultz - "The Women's March"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 53.4)

Lloyd Schwartz - "Vermeer's Pearl"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 52)

Naomi Shihab Nye - "You Are Your Own State Department"
(originally appeared in Fifth Wednesday 21)

Jane Shore - "Who Knows One"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 94.07)

Tracy K. Smith - "The Greatest Personal Privation"
(originally appeared in The Believer 117)

A. E. Stallings - "Harm's Way"
(originally appeared in Hopkins Review 11.3)

Arthur Sze - "The White Orchard"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 40.4)

Ocean Vuong - "Partly True Poem Reflected in a Mirror"
(originally appeared in Freeman's 4)

David Wojahn - "Still Life: Stevens's Wallet on a Key West Hotel Dresser"
(originally appeared in Agni 86)

Kevin Young - "Hive"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2017.12)