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Best American Poetry 2020

Table of Contents:

Julia Alvarez - "Saving the Children"
(originally appeared in The Nation 308.05)

Brandon Amico - "Customer Loyalty Program"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 40.6)

Rick Barot - "from The Galleons"
(originally appeared in Poetry 213.3)

Kaveh Bassiri - "Invention of I"
(originally appeared in Copper Nickel 29)

Bruce Bond - "Bells"
(originally appeared in Michigan Quarerly Review 58.4)

Vievee Francis - "The Shore"
(originally appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review 95.2)

Rachel Galvin - "Little Death"
(originally appeared in The Nation 308.1)

Julian Gewirtz - "To X (Written on This Device You Made)"
(originally appeared in Harvard Revew 54)

Samuel Green - "On Patmos, Kneeling in the Panagea"
(originally appeared in Prarie Schooner 93.1)

BC Griffith - "Big Gay Ass Poem"
(originally appeared in Fence 20.1)

Jennifer Grotz - "The Conversion of Paul"
(originally appeared in New England Review 40.1)

Camille Guthrie - "During the Middle Ages"
(originally appeared in Iowa Review 48.3)

Tony Hoagland - "Sunday at the Mall"
(originally appeared in New Ohio Review 25)

Kimberly Johnson - "Fifteen"
(originally appeared in Cincinnati Review 15.2)

Ilya Kaminsky - "In a Time of Peace"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 95.01)

Douglas Kearney - "Sho"
(originally appeared in Poetry 214.5)

Donika Kelly - "I Never Figured How to Get Free"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2019.02)

Christopher Kempf - "After,"
(originally appeared in Georgia Review 73.2)

Steven Kleinman - "Bear"
(originally appeared in Gettysburg Review 31.4)

Jennifer Knox - "The Gift"
(originally appeared in Ploughshares 45.1)

Nick Lantz - "After a Transcript of the Final Voicemails of 9/11 Victims"
(originally appeared in Copper Nickel 29)

Shara Lessley - "On Faith"
(originally appeared in Gettysburg Review 32.1)

Steven Leyva - "When I Feel a Whoop Comin' On"
(originally appeared in jubilat 34)

Cate Lycurgus - "Locomotion"
(originally appeared in Sewanee Review 127.1)

Khaled Mattawa - "Qassida to the Statue of Sappho in Mytilini"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 41.4)

Jennifer Militello - "The Punishment of One Is the Love Song of Another"
(originally appeared in Waxwing 18)

John Murillo - "A Refusal to Mourn the Deaths, by Gunfire, of Three Men in Brooklyn"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 48.1)

Hieu Minh Nguyen - "Chasm"
(originally appeared in Massachusetts Review 59.4)

Sharon Olds - "Hyacinth Aria"
(originally appeared in Agni 89)

Matthew Olzmann - "Letter to the Person Who During the Q&A Session After the Reading Asked for Career Advice"
(originally appeared in Waxwing 17)

Paul Otremba - "Climate Is Something Different"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 41.3)

Cecily Parks - "The Seeds"
(originally appeared in New England Review 40.3)

Stanley Plumly - "At Night"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2019.03)

Jana Prikryl - "Fox"
(originally appeared in American Poetry Review 48.4)

Ariana Reines - "A Partial History"
(originally appeared in Poetry 214.2)

Robyn Schiff - "American Cockroach"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 94.4)

Jon William Stout - "Dysphonia"
(originally appeared in New England Review 39.4)

James Tate - "The Prayer"
(originally appeared in Conduit 28)

Brian Teare - "Sitting Isohydric Meditation"
(originally appeared in New England Review 40.1)

Craig Morgan Teicher - "I Am a Father Now"
(originally appeared in Conduit 29)

Lynne Thompson - "She talk like this 'cause me Mum born elsewhere, say"
(originally appeared in Pleiades 39.2)

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad - "Isfahan, 2010"
(originally appeared in Michigan Quarerly Review 58.2)

Corey Van Landingham - "Recessional"
(originally appeared in Pleiades 39.2)

Rosanna Warren - "Samson, 1674"
(originally appeared in The Paris Review 229)

Robert Wrigley - "Machinery"
(originally appeared in Georgia Review 73.1)

John Yau - "The President's Second Telegram"
(originally appeared in 11-11 1)

Emily Yong - "Opioid, Alcohol, Despair"
(originally appeared in Kenyon Review 41.4)

Monica Youn - "Study of Two Figures (Pasiphae/Sado)"
(originally appeared in Poetry 213.5)

Matthew Zapruder - "My Life"
(originally appeared in New Yorker 95.11)