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Pushcart Prize 2017

Table of Contents:

Melissa Broder - "Forgotten Sound"
(originally appeared in Tin House 63)

Jericho Brown - "The Tradition"
(originally appeared in Poem-a-Day 2015.08)

Ye Chun - "The Luoyang Poem"
(originally appeared in Lantern Puzzle 0)

Alex Dimitrov - "Cocaine"
(originally appeared in Adroit Journal 13)

Stephen Dunn - "The Revolt of the Turtles"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.3)

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza - "I Dream of Horses Eating Cops"
(originally appeared in Nepantla 2)

Tarfia Faizullah - "100 Bells"
(originally appeared in Poetry 205.4)

David Hernandez - "We Would Never Sleep"
(originally appeared in The Sun 475)

Richie Hofmann - "Idyll"
(originally appeared in Second Empire 0)

David Kirby - "More Than This"
(originally appeared in Rattle 50)

Sally Wen Mao - "Anna May Wong blows out sixteen candles"
(originally appeared in Missouri Review 38.1)

David Tomas Martinez - "Consider Oedipus's Father"
(originally appeared in Poetry 206.3)

Adrian Matejka - "The Antique Blacks"
(originally appeared in Copper Nickel 20)

Shane McCrae - "Still When I Picture It the Face of God Is a White Man's Face"
(originally appeared in Poetry 207.2)

Cecily Parks - "Hurricane Song"
(originally appeared in O'nights 0)

Jaclyn Piudik - "Glossa Inordinaria and the 28th Moon"
(originally appeared in New American Writing 35)

Tatiana Forero Puerta - "Cleaning the Ghost Room"
(originally appeared in Hawaii Pacific Review 2015.02)

Elizabeth Scanlon - "The Brain Is Not the United States"
(originally appeared in Boston Review 2015.04)

Lloyd Schwartz - "Crossword"
(originally appeared in New Republic 243.19)

Sea Sharp - "The Tallgrass Shuffles"
(originally appeared in Storm Cellar Quarterly 4.2)

Taije Silverman - "Spiritual Evaluation"
(originally appeared in Massachusetts Review 56.2)

Emily Skillings - "Basement Delivery"
(originally appeared in jubilat 28)

Jane Springer - "Walk"
(originally appeared in Southern Review 51.4)

Mathias Svalina - "from Thank You Terror"
(originally appeared in They Will Sew the Blue Sail 42)

Jean Valentine - "Hospice"
(originally appeared in Shirt in Heaven 0)

Allison Benis White - "from Please Bury Me in This"
(originally appeared in Copper Nickel 20)

Shelley Wong - "The Spring Forecast"
(originally appeared in Crazyhorse 88)

Jamila Woods - "Daddy Dozens"
(originally appeared in Poetry 206.1)