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Volume: 184.2 | Year: 2004

Table of Contents:

Scott Cairns
A Prior Despair

Billy Collins
The Next Poem

Averill Curdy
The God of Inattention

Stephen Dobyns
Penny for Your Thoughts
Dead Rope
Alligator Dark

Susanne Dubroff
The One Remaining Star

Moira Egan

Zack Finch
Hold That Thought
San Zeno

Albert Goldbarth
Human Beauty
The Too Late Poem
Washington Ovens, Adamses' Letters

Meghan Hickey

Bob Hicok

Mark Jarman
Interesting Times

Lynne Knight
Elegy for the Parents

David Lehman
Like a Party

Kevin Meaux
Myths of Electricity: A Letter to Nikola Tesla

Arthur Meryash
Private Showing

Fred Muratori
Think Again

Lynn Powell
Kind of Blue

James Ragan
Dropping Fuel Over China

Nance Van Winckel
Indiscriminate Kisses

Jeanne Murray Walker
Staying Power

Kevin Young
Early Show

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
Human Beauty; The Too Late Poem; Washington Ovens, Adamses' Letters


Bob Hicok


David Lehman
Like a Party