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Volume: 25.1 | Year: 2001

Table of Contents:

Muhammad Al-Maghut
The Autumn of Masks

Suzanne Alaywan
from Provisional Son

Dvora Amir
Uncle Avram

Judith Beveridge
The Dice-Player

Lucie Brock-Broido
Self-Deliverance by Lion
The One Theme of Which Everything Else Is a Variation

Julianne Buchsbaum
Clouds Swell Out

Paul Celan
Pau, Spater / Pau, Lauter, Di Wahrheit / Truth
Das Ausgeschachtete Herz / The Excavated Heart
Stille / Silence
Draussen / Without

Gu Cheng
from Classical Tales from the Isle of Waves

Marilyn Chin
Twenty-Five Haiku

Mahmoud Darwish
The Phases of Anat

Carl Dennis
Dream Theory

Chris Forhan
The Hard Sciences

Ibn Gabirol
Winter with This Ink
The Garden

Juan Carlos Galeano
Cometas / Kites
Mesa / Table

Seamus Heaney
The Loose Box

Jose Hierro
El Laud / The Lute

Colette Inez
The Singers

Nikolai Kantchev
So That Life Will Be in Balance

Sandor Kanyadi
Tomegsir-vers / Mass Grave Song

Mary Karr
Descending Theology: The Nativity
Descending Theology: The Crucifixion

Timothy Liu

William Logan

Claire Malroux
Couples / Couples

Salman Masalha
On Deserts

Abdelwahab Meddeb
Expanses of White

Iman Mersal
I Look Around Me
It Seems That I Inherited the Dead
Things Got Away from Me
I Have a Melodious Name
To Cross Between Two Rooms

Rivka Miriam
Daily Solomon Would Talk
King Solomon Who Remained in the Language of the Animals and Fowl

Khireddine Mourad
The Naked Woman of the River

Taha Muhammad Ali
Crack in the Skull
Post-Operative Complications Following the Extraction of Memory
Thrombosis in the Veins of Petroleum
Abd El-Had Fights a Superpower

Eric Ormsby
Bald Adham Says His Prayers
Jaham and His Cat
Jaham on His Difficulty of the First White Hair

Carl Phillips
To Break, to Ride
Via Sacra

Marsha Pomerantz

Youssef Rakha
My Lover and Eyes
The Paper Boat
The Packaged Person

Kay Ryan
The Self Is Not Portable
Reverse Drama

Umberto Saba
Ulisse / Ulysses

Aharon Shabtai
The Reason to Live Here
Times Are Bad

Dennis Silk
Double Kasida
Channel Crossing

David Solway
Bartholomew the Englishman on Fleas
Bartholomew the Englishman on the Cicada

Carmine Starnino

Jesper Svenbro
Intimism Herms boukolos

May Swenson
August 19, Pad 19

Dorthea Tanning
Waveryly and a Place

Shao Wei
Square Cauldron

J. P. White
On the Night Train on Nizhney

Liao Yiwu
Old Dreams
One Dusk
To Mother

Linda Stern Zisquit
from The Face in the Window

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Lucie Brock-Broido
Self-Deliverance by Lion; The One Theme of Which Everything Else Is a Variation


Julianne Buchsbaum
Clouds Swell Out


Paul Celan
Pau, Spater / Pau, Lauter, Di Wahrheit / Truth; Das Ausgeschachtete Herz / The Excavated Heart; Stille / Silence; Draussen / Without


Seamus Heaney
The Loose Box


Carl Phillips
Trade; To Break, to Ride; Via Sacra