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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 1.1 | Year: 1995

Table of Contents:

Joan Aleshire
Imaginary Twin
Dog Star

Elizabeth Alexander
Body of Life

Robin Becker
The New Year
Spiritual Morning

Gillian Conoley
All Girlhood Receding
This Cafe Life

Peter Cooley
To My Infant Son

Steven Cramer
The Obscure
Intensive Care

Jim Daniels

Stuart Dybek

Nancy Eimers
Autistic Twins at the Fireworks

Margaret Gibson
The Sweet Grass Hills
Indian Graves

Edward Hirsch
Resurrection Plant

Khaled Mattawa
Days of 1959
Double Portrait with Trains

Lynne McMahon
Not Solely Mourning
At the Courthouse
Raving Sonnet

Leslie Adrienne Miller
Lawn Ornaments
Yesterday Had a Man in It

Thylias Moss
Accessible Heaven
The Limitation of Beautiful Recipes

Pattiann Rogers
Being Known: Goldfinches at Sea
The China Cabinet Festival: 21st Century

Mark Rudman
Pool Hall
On the Wheel of

Arthur Smith
Late Century Ode for the Common Dead

Marilyn Nelson Waniek
Calm, East of Landfall
Aches and Pains
Leaving the Hospice

Michael Waters

Dara Wier

Robert Wrigley

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Joan Aleshire
Imaginary Twin; Dog Star


Elizabeth Alexander
Body of Life


Gillian Conoley
All Girlhood Receding; This Cafe Life


Edward Hirsch
Resurrection Plant


Thylias Moss
Accessible Heaven; The Limitation of Beautiful Recipes


Dara Wier
Resolution; Company