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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 2.1 | Year: 1996

Table of Contents:

Kim Addonizio

Jack B. Bedell
The One Thing

Derick Burleson

Richard Cecil
Picnic in the Basement

Martha Christina
Anagram for Miles
Smiling and Waving

Toi Derricotte
Grace Paley Reading

Calvin Forbes
Funk Heart

Charles Fort
from Hollow Ground

Christopher Gilbert
Andy Warhol's Marilyn as Nigger
A Gust in the Wind

Albert Goldbarth
There Too
With the Units of Wells and Lucretius: a Song

Twyla Hansen
Each Time I Look Up
In Early Fall

William Heyen

Andrea Hollander
The Other Side of the Story

Richard Jackson
Grammar Rules
No Man's Land

Don Johnson
Christmas Trees Ripshin Mountain

Michael David Madonick
The Inconvenience of the Spirit

Dionisio Martinez
It Is What Pop Culture
I Had Barely Forgotten the Jacaranda Moon

William Matthews
Finn Sheep

Maureen Mulhern
Beneath the Opaque World

Leroy V. Quintana
Quiz Show

Maureen Seaton
Pilgrimage to Bethlehem Steel
Exquisite Politics
Exquisite Candidate

Tim Seibles
Midnight: The Coyote, Down in the Mouth

Betsy Sholl

Maurya Simon
In Season
Bauhaus Still Life

Cathy Song
In the Far Wing of an Old Museum
The Roses of Guadalajara
My Mother's Name

Nguyen Quang Thieu
My Father's Laughter
The Sound of Sniper Fire
Moonlight and a Doorstep

Carolyn Beard Whitlow
Water Song
Still Life

Regina Wilkins
Oh Sweet Jesus the Breath That Spills from My Dreams

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
There Too; With the Units of Wells and Lucretius: a Song