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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 4.2 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

Deborah Ager
The Atlantic

Delmira Agustini
From Far Away
You Were Sleeping
The Swan

Elisa Albo
Passage to America
How to Make a Raft

Paulette Beete
Trinidad Novena
TT Love Song

Joseph Bruchac
Above the Line
Connecticut Shore

Darrell Burton

G. S. Sharat Chandra
Stemless in the Womb

Sandy Veronica Chinchilla
The Fan

Patty Valasquez Chumil
Memories: Family Problems

Anita Endrezze
This Is a Poem About Indians

Jose Luis Falconi

Richard Garcia
Legends of the West

Jeff Greer
Variations on a Theme from Kees

Twyla Hansen

James Haug
The Class War So Far

Maria M. Hummel
The Glass Mountain
Sans Merci

Jacquline Johnson

Dolores Kendrick
Man at Low Tide: Golla Jack

Bakhit Kenzheev
So interminable, you try to hold out until the end . . .

Enrique Lihn
The Most Beautiful Guitarist in the World

Shara McCallum
The Fisherman's Wife

Judy Smith McDonough
A Meditation on Scale

Gwyn McVay
New Sharon Boneyard

Orlando Ricardo Menes
God's Veins

Leslie Adrienne Miller
Sundays When Their Laps Were Full of Light
Photograph of People Dancing in France

Gabriela Mistral
Andean Night

David Moolten
Abraham Lincoln Doesn't Walk at Midnight

Kyoko Mori
Vehicles of Love
Lovers at the Cloisters

Simone Muench
Desire Takes a Road Trip to New Orleans

Alejandro Nicotra
An Opinion on Poets

Otto Rene
My Name

Juliet Rodeman
In the Country of Myth

Jaime Sabines

Blanca Strepponi
The Garden of the Executioner

Jorge Teillier
Week in Valdivia
For Antonio Machado Upon Once Again Reading His Poems

Elizabeth Solares Tinuar

Lori Tsang
la ma'ana borique'a

Ivon Gordon Vailakis
On days like these/
The flesh of the orange/

Paulina Vinderman
Hospital Corridors

Jose Watanabe
As If She Were Underneath a Tree

Tony Whedon
Cemeterio de Colon

Terri Witek
Death of Jane McCrea

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