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Iowa Review
Volume: 33.3 | Year: 2003

Table of Contents:

Catherine Barnett
Child Learning To Write

Bruce Beasley
The Expletion of Tan

Gregory Brooker
Futurenaut Training Program 1966
Stanza Running NASA's New Programmable Language Codes for Space Manipulation

J. V. Brummels
Grass Widow

Erik Campbell
Consider What Passes for Kindness These Days

Stacie Cassarino
Spell of Motion

Carrie St. George Comer
Dawn One

Christopher Cunningham
The Poem to Its Reader

Anne-Marie Cusac
Mathilde, Waiting
The Gift

Jim Daniels

Dave Etter
At the Salvation Army Store

Mary Gray
The Mermaid's Story

Bob Hicok

Andrew Hudgins
My Mother Predicts Travel to Exotic Destinations
Beneath the Apple

Matt Koeske
Polka for the Recently Exhumed
Revolt Among the Cabbage Heads

Rachel Loden
A Quaker Meeting in Yorba Linda
A Redressed Poet That Seems Living, How to Make Him Sing
Scissors, Paper, Sphinx
Dear Possum

Jane Mead
Experience as Visitation
Lassitude and Independence

Jane Miller
from A Palace of Pearls

Jana Phipps
Hell is other people

Susan Edwards Richmond

Jorge Sanchez
Moro or Congri

Elizabeth Skurnick
My Husband Is a State Trooper
My Husband Is a Dermatologist
My Husband Was a Spokesman for the President

Susan Thomas
The Empty Notebook and Code Alert
The Empty Notebook and Denial
The Empty Notebook Interrogates Itself

D. H. Tracy
Utopia Sketched

Katherine E. Young
The Cow

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bob Hicok
Duh; Greed


Jane Mead
Experience as Visitation; Lassitude and Independence


Jane Miller
from A Palace of Pearls