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Volume: 33.2 | Year: 2005

Table of Contents:

Roy Bentley
That Summer Concert at the Amphitheatre

Eloise Bruce
Speaking in Tongues

Sue Burton
Canticle to Self's Jewelry, Lincoldn Way W., Canton, Ohio

Jared Carter
The Bones

George Drew

Dennis Hinrichsen
Small Planes Flying Above the Planetarium
Coyote Bliss

Andrea Hollander
October 9, 1970
Room 246

David Keller
Elegy in March

Jacqueline Kolosov
Pears, Jeanne

Stephanie Lenox
Big Island Slides, 1974-75

Moira Linehan
In Praise Of

Charlotte Matthews
Magic Show

Stephen Murabito
The Flying Saucer at Conemaugh Park

Iustin Panta
When an Object Doesn't Change Appearance or Place

Dana Roeser
Midwestern Summer: MY Dead Mother as Muse

Jason Sommer
Phone Call
The Laughter of Adam and Eve: A Detail

Marjorie Stelmach
Last Prayers of the Mother Superior

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marjorie Stelmach
Last Prayers of the Mother Superior