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Ontario Review
Volume: 58 | Year: 2003

Table of Contents:

Dick Allen
The Book Lovers of Round Lake
All Those Years When Nothing Happened

Adrian Blevins
from The Brass Girl Brouhaha

Denver Butson

Albert Goldbarth
Scenes from the Next Life

Linda Gregg
Always Alone and Other Poems

Eamon Grennan
Beach Haven
The Geese, Going
The Night of Kate's Birthday

Tung-Hui Hu

Michael Mott
Sybil with Red Hair at Seven
What do the Blackthorn on the Heath Tell You?
To Be Teased By Tales of Changing Shape and Size

Joan Murray
Looking at the Birds

T. Cole Rachel
when good things happen to bad people

Barry Spacks
Oh, Everything, Absolute Giving!

Kevin Stein
Revelation in Pink and Red
In the House of Being

Virgil Suarez
Toward the River

Tom Wayman
Secrets of Winter

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
Scenes from the Next Life