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Volume: 137 | Year: 2003

Table of Contents:

Christopher Brisson
Same Circuitry, Different Programs

Michael Fried
The Visitor from the Future
Freud's Sacrifice
Noa Noa
The Wound

Barry Goldensohn
Ancient City
To Hollis Frampton

Lorrie Goldensohn
Being Read To

Debora Greger
Woman of the Tar Pits

Timothy Liu
A Raid for the Bridal
A Valentine

James Longenbach
Orphic Night
Ground Level

Carl Phillips
In Love
The Rescue
All It Takes
Late Apollo

Robert Richman
Note to Sidney Keyes

J. R. Solonche

C. K. Williams

Poets of Interest in this issue:

James Longenbach
Orphic Night; Ground Level


Carl Phillips
In Love; The Rescue; All It Takes; Late Apollo