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Another Chicago Magazine
Volume: 41 | Year: 2002

Table of Contents:

Daniel Blasi
The Mathematics of Fawns in Code

Karen Chase
The End of Marriage

James Doyle
Sawing the Cadaver

Alice Rose George
Instructions for September
Instructions for the Dance
Instructions for Painting the Hand

Albert Goldbarth
The Initial Published Discovery
Of In-Betweeness

John Kistner
The Ambassador of Bad Vibes
The Drowning School David Lawrence
The Paris Ritz

Alexander Lasareff-Mironoff
Zinaida Nikolayevna Gippius's Going Home

John Martone
no one left

Frank Matagrano
Becoming the Rake
Throwing a Shoe at the Branch

Elisa Pulido
The Shape of Being Left

David Ray
At 2033 East Tenth
A Cedar Chest Full of Cassettes

Harriet Popham Rigney
North Georgia Woods

Arthur Rimbaud

Lacy L. Schutz
Outline for a Novel about Fear and Dementia with a Happy Ending

Ray H. Woodard
A Moment in an Unnamed Dimension
Finding My Father

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
The Initial Published Discovery; Repositories; NaCl; Of In-Betweeness