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Evansville Review
Volume: 15 | Year: 2005

Table of Contents:

Fallon Allison
1:36 AM

Amanda Autcher

Willis Barnstone
Why Each Night?

Jorge Louis Borges
To the Likeness of a Captain in Cromwell's Armies

John Randolph Carter
Time Stands Still

Jared Carter
Tape in the Wind

John Randolph Carter
I Want to Tell You How Much I Love You

Jared Carter
Mourning Dove Ascending

C. Cavafy
The City

Jack Cooper
The Thought of Being
To Mention Rain

Nina Corwin
Burial Space Filled, Town Outlaws Dying

Chris Crittenden
Moon Vision

Robert Daseler

Leconte de Lisle
The Jaguar's Dream

Krikor N. Der Hohannesian

Rhina P. Espaillat

Anna Evans
The Child from Two Doors Down

Allen C. Fischer
Preparing Small Talk

Vivian Gaston

Loise Beebe Hayna
Red Alert

David James
A Chance at the World

Anne Ward Jamieson
Sleep, My Child

Allison Joseph
Night Vision

Lori Kagan

Patrick Kanouse
Canning Days

Jean L. Kreiling
Four Movements for Siblings

Lyn Lifshin
The Photographs With My Hair Up

J. Morris
Perish the Thought

Les Murray
Dilation of Line Length in the Sonnet

Titos Patrikios

John Pleimann

John Popielaski

Todd Possehl
Parodia Magnifica

James Reiss
Spring 2004

Brady Rhoades

Rainer Maria Rilke
Archaic Torso of Apollo

T. Maurice Savoie
Watching Security Chase the Homeless Caught Scooping Up Pinnies, Nickels & Dimes in Chicago's Millennium Park

Vivian Shipley
No Creel Limit

A. E. Stringer

Chris Waters
Wolf Tree

Richard Wilbur
An Eightieth-Birthday Ballade for Anthony Hecht

Feng Zhi
Sonnet 23 (On a Puppy)
Sonnet 21

Poets of Interest in this issue:

A. E. Stringer