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Evansville Review
Volume: 14 | Year: 2004

Table of Contents:

Willis Barnstone
Secret Face of Love

Jackie Bartley

Mary Frances Baugh
Portrait of Three Women

Alicia Beale
Remember Me to the Moon

Jorge Louis Borges
Poem of the Gifts

Brad Buchanan
Drawing Blood

Cathy Calkins
Why They Cut My Hair

Thomas Carper

Jared Carter
Time Passes
William Johnson

Nina Corwin
Inhabitants of the Cusp

Christopher Cunningham
Motel 6, Bakersfield, July 1979

Angela De Hoyos
This Deathless Birth of a Poem

Rhina P. Espaillat

Katie Rose Guest
Leolyn's Diary

Alicia Kramer Harris
High-diving on Sunday

Daniel A. Harris
The Honor, 1946

Peter Harris
The Cough, The Calm

J. Chester Johnson
The Killer

Allison Joseph
Against Atrophy

Kate Light

Robert Hill Long
La Deleassado

John Martin

Jane Miller
from A Palace of Pearls

Afred Nicol
Play Recital, School Cafeteria

Leeandra Nolting

William Oxley
The Kissing Gates

Greg Pape
The Hog Boss

Dan Pettee
Market Street Megrims

Donna Pucciani
Midnight Sun, Copenhagen

David Radavich
Cancer Isle

James Ragan
A Scansion of Petrarchan Larks
The Old Alley

John Savoie
CrossingsLife as a Temp
Hero Alone

Vivian Shipley
The Swans at Morgan Point

Ronald J. Smith
Antarctican Nocturne

W. D. Snodgrass
Chasing Fireflies

Maura Stanton
Zuppa di Pesci

A. E. Stringer

Arlene Tribbia

Helen Tzagoloff
What if Paris had been Educated?

G. C. Waldrep
Passion: Skinflick

Mike White

Anne Wilson

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jane Miller
from A Palace of Pearls


A. E. Stringer


G. C. Waldrep
Passion: Skinflick