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American Poetry Review
Volume: 34.1 | Year: 2005

Table of Contents:

Antonin Artaud
I Spit on the Innate Christ
To Be Christ Is Not To Be Jesus Christ

Alan Dugan
Life Comparison
Variation on a Theme by Stevens
Jewels of Indoor Glass
Cop-Shooting: On a Newspaper Photograph
Untitled Poem
Closing Time at the Second Avenue Deli

Ross Gay
Song of the Pig Who Gave the Poet, Age 3, Worms

Maxwell King
Elegy for Ingrid

Martha Kinney
Let Me Go

Mary Leader
Ubi Sunt
Three Tortoises

Glenna Luschei

Robert Pinsky
The Dig
If the Dead Came Back
Louie Louie

Ira Sadoff
Something Vagabond Stokes the Furnace

Elaine Sexton
Monoprint of a Shoe

Reginald Shepherd
Come This Far

Margo Tamez
The Digging Hole
What She Knows
Playing Hangman

John Updike
Elegy for a Real Golfer
Bird Caught in My Deer Netting

Jean Valentine
The Carriers
Hospital: far from home
Hospital: Dearest,
Hospital: strange lights
Hospital: It was euphoria
Hospital: scraps
Land of the world! Soft
Butyour touch was everywhere, Lord
Mattress on the floor
The Eleventh Brother (2)
Once I was girls and boys--now
Jesus said,
Fix Anything

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ross Gay
Song of the Pig Who Gave the Poet, Age 3, Worms


Robert Pinsky
Pliers; Banknote; The Dig; If the Dead Came Back; Louie Louie


Jean Valentine
The Carriers; Gray; Hospital: far from home; Hospital: Dearest,; Hospital: strange lights; Hospital: It was euphoria; Hospital: scraps; Land of the world! Soft; Butyour touch was everywhere, Lord; Mattress on the floor; The Eleventh Brother (2); Once I was girls and boys--now; Jesus said,; Fix Anything