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Alaska Quarterly Review
Volume: 21.3 | Year: 2004

Table of Contents:

Marilyn Abildskov
In July

Paula Bohince
In the Pines

Kurt Brown
The Fury of Escaped Blood

Maureen Clark
Lavender Dress

Bryan D. Dietrich
American Gothic

Jeanne Emmons
The Laughing Buddha

David Hernandez
Driving Toward the Sun

Holly J. Hughes
The Bath

Susan Hutton
In the Time It Takes

Susanna Mishler
Climbing to 2000 Feet Over Buckland, Alaska

John Morgan
Angles Rather Than Angels

Kurt Olsson
Jesus of Tourette's Syndrome
My John Donne

Anne Pitkin
On the Use of the Decorative

Donald Platt
Compass Rose

Eva Saulitis
Married Couple, Singing

Quentin Sherwood
The Queen of Bar-B-Que Egypt

Maggie Smith
The One About the Wolf

Virgil Suarez
Don't Try

Brian Turner
Manportable Grail

Daneen Wardrop
from The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife

Edward Weismiller

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Paula Bohince
In the Pines


Maggie Smith
The One About the Wolf