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Beloit Poetry Journal
Volume: 55.1 | Year: 2004

Table of Contents:

Luis Miguel Aguilar
Conclusiones / Conclusions
El cielo y mis libros / Heaven and My Books

Hadara Bar-Nadav
A Number of Things
Long Division
Sustenance and the Ark
Black and White

Charlotte Boulay
At the Sackler Museum in Cambridge
In darkness

E. R. Carlin
Raising Drusilla

Jeff Crandall
Conversation with the Rose Man

Mahmoud Darwish
Cadence Chooses Me
Sonnet 5

K. Reynolds Dixon
Half Life

Camille Dungy

Albert Goldbarth
The Salt Mine

Lola Haskins
For the Suicides
The Barren Woman to Her Sister

Brent Pallas

Mira Rosenthal

Stan Sanvel Rubin

Hillel Schwartz

G. David Schwartz
An Oracle of the Shaman as Reported by Toma the Stutterer

Frank Steele
The Weight of the World

Peggy Steele
Dried Phlox

Bert Stern

Bruce Tindall
The Ambassador of the Interregnum
The Ambassador as Horatius
The Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Nance Van Winckel
Channel of the Reddest Wines

Daneen Wardrop
[Marco, when you, Niccolo, and]
[Travelers come asking for your]
[The canopies of vendors swell]
[Trees move houses past our]
[I want to touch, in]
[Other women will hang carpets]
[The Thousand Buddha Caves, westernmost]
[Fingering pomegranates, peaches, melons, and]
[From a balcony I see]

David Williams
"Hunter Mountain" (1863)

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Hadara Bar-Nadav
A Number of Things; Long Division; Sustenance and the Ark; Knacker; Black and White


Camille Dungy


Albert Goldbarth
The Salt Mine