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Quarterly West
Volume: 62 | Year: 2006

Table of Contents:

Seth Abramson
Scientists Identify Exurbia as the Geographic Center of the Universe
Sundays Are Quick

Rebecca Aronson
Kansas City Man Guilty of Five Murders
Letter to John Berryman -- After Jennifer Lynch

Tracy Jo Barnwell
Heart Attack at the Fifty-Nine Diner

Jan Beatty

Tara Bray

Benjamin Gantcher
Returning to the Office, Dr. Caliban Spies a Pretty Brook

Benjamin Grossberg
Stepping on the Dog
God on the Treadmill

Andrew Haley
Epistle to God, Founder of all Stores

Jesse Lee Kercheval
[I long to level hills mountains]

Dore Kiesselbach

R. F. Marsocci

Kevin McFadden
Sadistic Theme
Meditate Sea to Sea

Jill Osier
Ice Boat Notes
The Solace Is Not the Lullaby But That Anything Can Be a Lullaby

Chad Parmenter
Is Batman Trapped in the Past?
Batman Is Trapped in the Past!

Donald Platt
Witner Water
Heart Murmur in April

Derek Pollard
Ca Me Revient
Something Different by Grace

Alison Powell
Exiled Girls of the Midwest
Who Knew the Water
There's Something in Your Teeth

Rebecca Reynolds
Genera Lilium

Mary Ann Samyn
Clarity, 1.2

Kent Shaw
Your fleet foot and desire

Maggie Smith
Seven Disappointments (I)

Jeffrey Thomson
Amazon Parable
Landscape with Urban Elephants

Jennifer Tonge
Strolling the Labyrinth

Arnie Yasinski
Before He Died I Was Born

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Benjamin Grossberg
Stepping on the Dog; God on the Treadmill


Dore Kiesselbach
Apology; Scrutiny


Maggie Smith
Seven Disappointments (I)