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Volume: 64 | Year: 2006

Table of Contents:

Lila Bita
Question Mark
The Return

Alice Friman
Imitating Nature
Taking Comfort

Andrew Hudgins
The Joys of Christmas Day
The Starving Kids in Africa

Colette Inez
The Insomniac

Laurence Lieberman
The Weaning, Half Cry, Half Hiss

Peter Marcus
Reading Wallace Stevens on the Metro North

Carl Phillips
All Thigns Being Possible

Joseph R Radke
Ice Forms on the Milwaukee River
This Much for Sure

Dan Stryk
Every Year's the Same Yet Nothing Quite the Same Each Year

Brian Swann
from Three-Part Panel
The Gone World
How I Understand Eternity

George Witte
Person of Interest

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Carl Phillips
Volition; All Thigns Being Possible; Detachment