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Gulf Coast
Volume: 19.1 | Year: 2006

Table of Contents:

Julie Agoos
Ghost Story

Jeannette Allee
little french town

Catherine Barnett
The Garden
The Glossies

Jan Beatty
Red Sugar

Jessica Bozek
The Leopard Transport

Stephanie Burt
The Sea as a Losing Season
Title & Deed

Gabrielle Calvocoressi
A Love Supreme
Prayer in the Name of Saint Thomas Hearns

Jeff Chang
One-Way Squirrel
The Definition of Deer

Victoria Chang
California Plate II

Neil de la Flor
The boat with a Boy's Heart

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko
[But, as in anyone's body]
[Lime trees spark in the well]
[Rumor suits the wind]
[Wind falling along the horizon]

Elaine Equi
Indian Summer at the Retro Diner

Megan Gannon
White Nightgown

Anna Journey
Lucifer's Panties at Lowe's Garden Center
Autobiography as Endless Calico

Christopher Kang
I Have a Thing to Say About Happiness
The Night We Called it a Day
Not to Reader

Laura Kasischke
Miss Estrogen
Poem Ending with Lines from Jarrell

Stephanie Lenox
Torturing the Dog

Genine Lentine

Jesse Lichtenstein
Proposal Rock

Joel Long
Keeping Time

Clay Matthews
Elegy for a Boy in a Tree in Flames

Karyna McGlynn

Reginald McMorris

Tyler Mills
What Is Left

Kirk Nesset

Meghan O'Rourke
The Window at Arles
Late Mastery

Alexis Orgera
The First Caveman Poet Reminisces From His Library in Front of a Roaring Fire While His Wife's Away

Nate Pritts
The Walls of Our Sphere

Eric Rawson
Nota Bene
The Terrible Whispers of Our Elders

Andrew Michael Roberts
Because of You, Wallace Stevens

F. Daniel Rzicznek
Fifth Season

Tomaz Salamun
Nobody Was Killed by the Blasts in the Night
Raymond Roussel's Swan

Maggie Smith
Xenia, 1974

Terry Thaxton
Sounds Coming Through Empty Sky

Susan Wood
Fathers and Daughters

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephanie Burt
The Sea as a Losing Season; Title & Deed


Victoria Chang
Union; California Plate II


Karyna McGlynn


Meghan O'Rourke
The Window at Arles; Late Mastery; Pentimento


F. Daniel Rzicznek
Fifth Season


Tomaz Salamun
Nobody Was Killed by the Blasts in the Night; Raymond Roussel's Swan; Epilogue


Maggie Smith
Xenia, 1974; Game


Susan Wood
Fathers and Daughters; Chance