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Southern Review
Volume: 43.1 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

John Victor Anderson
Taking the Line
Three Things

Beth Bachmann
The Wood Pile
Talk Show

Roy Blount, Jr.
Crossed Over to Classics

James Brasfield

William Bedford Clark

Peter Cooley
Not Stevens's Florida

Elizabeth Cox
Winter Bath
Say This
Facing the Earth

Ashely David
Ballad of the Chosen Sons
Weathervane Song

Eugene Hollohan
Light at the End

Alison Pelegrin
Mysterious Ways
Ode to Contractors Possessing Various Levels of Expertise

Remy Ramirez
Farm Stories

Brian Speakrs
The Sign of a Carpenter

Jane Springer
The Borrowed Wife

Tracy Thomas
Only the Cinders of a Southern Sky

Cameron Thomas
The Absurd Probability of Resurrection
Here or There

Gordon Walmsley

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jane Springer
The Borrowed Wife