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Court Green
Volume: 4 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

Paige Ackerson-Keily
Application for Asylum
Safety in Numbers

Liz Ahl
You Pantoum

Nin Andrews
Sleeping in Class

Cynthia Arrieu-King
Kathy Coles

David Baratier
Poem in which the stupider things are recounted
Kentucky Fried Krsipy Kreme

Aaron Belz
Reagan to Brady

Juda Bennett
Throwing Glitter Into a Riot: June 27, 1969
On Being Notoriou

James Brock
Me, Left Behind

Matthew Brogan
Keep Your Head

Kurt Brown
Global Warming

Jenny Browne
The Cry Bone's Connected to the Why Bone

Cullen Bailey Burns
After the War

Jeff Calareso

Claudia Carlson
Straw Mother
The Bees

Robin S. Chapman
After 9/11

Brenda Coultas
The 4th of July
Sister-in-Law's Paranomral Encounter
My Brother's Tale
The Haunted Jail

Nick Courtright
6th & Colorado

Gregory Crosby

Scott Cunningham
Sonnet against Walk the Line (2005)

Christopher Davis
Down Low

Mary DeNardo
It's a family room

Darcie Dennigan
The New Mothers
The New Constellation

Andrea Dulanto
No, I've Never Seen The Exorcist In Its Entirety

Joshua Edwards
from Position Effect

Elaine Equi
Unisex Colognes
Perversely Patriotic

Michael Estes
Balance Sheet

Nava EtShalom

C. J. Evans
Think, occasionally, of those lost from our lives.

Peter J. Grieco
Baghdad Bound

James Grinwis
Sound Cloud

Kelle Groom
33 Reasons Not to Attend the White House Conference

Terrance Hayes
Our Best Patton Performer
Your Mustache Must Ache

Jibade-Khalil Huffman
"When delivering make-up"
The Blowjob Pictures
Where Are the Negroes in Hartford, Connecticut?

Larry Janowski
No Hold Barred

Lesley Jenike
Trouble in River City

George Kalamaras
Adam and Eve

Brian Kloppenberg

Wayne Koestenbaum
Mother in Heaven

Andrew Kozma
Of Mixed Principalities
How Cities or Principalities Which Lived under Their Own Laws before They Were Occupied Should Be Administered

David Kresh

Judith Kroll
In the Glen

Michael Lally
The Geese Don't Fly South

Joan Larkin
Tough-Love Muse

D. H. Lawrence
The Late War

Sarah Lilius
America Takes a Seat

Matt Lombardi
Dirty Brown Sky

Clay Matthews
Poem Ending with the Beginnings of a Horror Film

Bernadette Mayer
In America

Gail Mazur
Borges in Cambridge, 1967.

Shane McCrae
Poem About the Peacable Kingdom

Robert McDonald
Dear November,

Jo McDougall
The One Horse Stove

Derek Mong
The Somatosensory Cortex

Sheila E. Murphy
Let's Go Wash the Chevrolet

Idra Novey
The Silos of America
Pausing Outside a Home used for Torture in '74

Tom Orange
The War Is Unwinnable

Eve Packer
Express DVD Video Palace / Sex Sex Sex

Alan Michael Parker
Why I Am Afraid

Nate Pritts
New Year's Eve

Alicia Jo Rabins
The Story of Noah
My Desire for the Supermodel vs. My Desire for the 50-year-old Expert on Arcane Langauges

Kathryn Regina

Michael Rerick

Susan Rich
Day Six: Looking Out from the Lighthouse Cafe

Anthony Robinson
from Aviary Evacuation Plan or 81 Poems Project

Muriel Rukeyser
In Our Time

Andrew Sage
Song of the Machete

Jerome Sala
The Flinstones

Elizabeth Savage
The Husband on the Table
Susie Lived in My House As a Girl (and knows about the trees)

Larry Sawyer

Naomi Shihab Nye
Letters My Prez Is Not Sending

Maggie Smith
Let's Not Have a Meeting

Aaron Smith
Diesel Clothing Ad (Naked Man with Messenger Bag)
The Earth Spins Toward Oblivion While We Ride Trains

Novica Tadic
Dark Things
The Genealogy of the Excutioner

Judith Taylor
When Last She Gazed Out Her Casement Window

Dawn Tefft

Catherine Theis

Susan Tichy

Susie Timmons
Sick of Pennsylvania
Canal of Consciousness

Nick Twemlow
Election Returns
Black Helicopter
May 31, 2005

Kate Umans
Dream for a Sestina (or Dream in a Time of War)

Lee Upton
Politics for Lovers

Caroline Walker
House of Cards
Security Coffins

Valerie Wallace
Before and Now
Comfort Inn

Mike White
Dream in House Buying Time
Forest Fire
I Got Frank O'Hara'd

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Some Whispering
Still Life with Black Tea
If You Repeat the Names & Disappear

Jennifer Willoughby
We Seek a Shepherd or a Sign

Terence Winch
The Right to Remain Silent

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Cynthia Arrieu-King
Kathy Coles


Aaron Belz
Reagan to Brady


Brenda Coultas
The 4th of July; Sister-in-Law's Paranomral Encounter; My Brother's Tale; The Haunted Jail


Darcie Dennigan
The New Mothers; The New Constellation


Joshua Edwards
from Position Effect


James Grinwis
Sound Cloud


Terrance Hayes
Our Best Patton Performer; Your Mustache Must Ache


George Kalamaras
Adam and Eve


Bernadette Mayer
In America


Shane McCrae
Poem About the Peacable Kingdom


Maggie Smith
Let's Not Have a Meeting


Nick Twemlow
Election Returns; Black Helicopter; May 31, 2005


Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Some Whispering; Still Life with Black Tea; If You Repeat the Names & Disappear