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American Poetry Review
Volume: 36.1 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

Marvin Bell
I Didn't Sleep
The Campus in Wartime
Fifteen Minutes
Assisted Living Quarters
Cable News Night
Slice of Life
The Difference

Marianne Boruch
O Gods of Smallest Clarity

David M. Daniel

Joanne Dominique Dwyer
Late Night Confessions

Peter Everwine
Montenehuatzin's Song
Flute Song
Elegy for Ayocuan

Jack Israel
The Morning
the beth
Sympathetic Imagination

Claudia Keelan
Everybody's Autobiography

Mary Kinzie
Like a Furnace

Carl Martin
Ballad of Veronice Toast
And Who Will Remember
Induction, Finite Assertion & the Picaresque
The Empire of Now

Tomaz Salamun
Purple Toga
Washing in Gold
Now Karen and Richard's House
Nice Hat. Thanks.

Peter Waldor
Perfect Islamic Bliss
A New Religion
Insurance Man
Blue Bells
New Moon
Moloch and Jesus

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marianne Boruch
O Gods of Smallest Clarity


Joanne Dominique Dwyer
Harem; Late Night Confessions


Tomaz Salamun
Purple Toga; Washing in Gold; Now Karen and Richard's House; Nice Hat. Thanks.