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American Poetry Review
Volume: 37.1 | Year: 2008

Table of Contents:

Dick Allen
Rowing a Boat Across China
Quiet Wonder

Rene Char
The Brittle Age

Caroline Crumpacker
Lawn Party
The Uses of Distortion

Adam Day
Then, Everything Slept

Ales Debeljak
Drowned Love
Simple Gift on the Hill
Angels, Close Relatives
Cast Vote

Joanne Diaz
Larry David on Corregidor

Emily Fragos
Silent Movie

Jason Gray
Crossing the Border

Terrance Hayes
Support the Troops
The Shepherd

Ted Mathys
Supplicant as Supplement
Return of the Jackdaw

Katie Peterson
The Truth is Concrete
From Petrarch (7)
From Petrarch (156)

Michael Ryan
Half-Mile Down

Elaine Sexton
Night. Fire
A Bird in the House

Afaa Michael Weaver
In the Walking
Begging a Song on the N Line to Brooklyn

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Terrance Hayes
Support the Troops; The Shepherd


Katie Peterson
The Truth is Concrete; From Petrarch (7); From Petrarch (156)