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Volume: 66 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

Peter Balakian
from A-Train / Ziggurat / Elegy

Charles Baudelaire
Le Cygne

Peter Campion
Recurring Dream in a New Home

Stephen Dunn
Please Understand (A Bachelor's Valentine)

Erica Funkhouser
Imaginary Friends
Waiting to Cut the Hay

Melissa Green
Green Willow, Green Willow
The Eater of Paper, the Drinker of Ink
In Early April
A Saltbox in Vermont
A Stormy Spring
Moving Day
Love in an Irish Family

Erica McInich
Estate with Doves

Henrik Nordbrandt
Father, Mother, and Children

Tom Sleigh
For Benny Andrews

Jordan Smith
Sonatina: Imaginary City

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephen Dunn
Please Understand (A Bachelor's Valentine)


Jordan Smith
Reunion; Sonatina: Imaginary City