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Volume: 10.1 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

Rae Armantrout

Andrea Baker
Routine Is Not a Cradel

Mary Burger

Blake Butler
List of 50: Rain

J'Lyn Chapman
[This, my twelfth estrus]
[As long as I wanted to be a hunter]

Heather Christle
Gloria Evaluates the New Desert
New Story

Rob Cook
The Song of America
Notes from the Atrocities of the Land

Geoffery Cruikshank-Hagenbuckle
The Art of Facts
Sleeping Spells

Rob Dennis
Rorschach (from Linear B)

Nick Flynn

Anna Fulford
Upon entering the gymnasium

Sarah Gambito
Immigration 44
Immigration: Raprochment

Regan Good
The Atlantic House

Cole Heinowitz
The Sun!
Cease Fire
Le Mauvais Gondolier
Queen of Sheba
Walden Pond

Major Jackson

Claudia Keelan
Little Elegy (Eros)
Little Elegy (Eve)

Jon Leon

Shara Lessley
Here Hangeth Death in the Yard

Adrian Lurssen
from Angola: A Dictionary of Names, Forms, and Actions

Josh May
[my minotaur sees nothing]
["most my tired wants"]

Evan Nagle
from The Duos Project

Tomaz Salamun
Olive Trees

Kathy Lou Schultz
Genealogy V

Prageeta Sharma
Dame's Rocket
Be My Foreground

Jeff Stumpo
Esteban Peicovich and the Theory of Relativity

Edwin Torres
Some Notes on Princess Di

Letitia Trent
Design #1
Design #2: Domesticity

Joe Wenderoth
Advice to the Dissertator
Light the Arrows

Brian Zimbler
To the Cemetery

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Rae Armantrout
Anchor; Whatever


Andrea Baker
Routine Is Not a Cradel


Heather Christle
Gloria Evaluates the New Desert; New Story


Nick Flynn


Major Jackson


Tomaz Salamun
Olive Trees


Prageeta Sharma
Background; Dame's Rocket; Everywhere; Be My Foreground