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Third Coast
Volume: 2007.2 | Year: 2007

Table of Contents:

Seth Abramson
The Charm for Gods of Myth
How I Should Have Died

Rachel Andoga

Linda Bamber
From the Harbor Cafe

Valerie Bandura
Freak Show
On the Other Hand

Tara Boswell
What Victorian Historicists Refer to as the Shadow of Maternity

Anthony Butts
Lightning Dance

Mark Conway
That Was When You Lived
Still Life of Dreaming Man with Autopsy

Peter Cooley
April 25, 2005

Liz Countryman
Fort Tyron

Todd Davis

C. J. Evans
Necrophagia and the Leopard
A Splinter of Glass and the Heavy Boots of Tyrants

Ned Foskey
God's Jacket

Lauren Haldeman
Indigenous Ferns around the Distillery

Laura Koritz

Mark Kraushaar

Brian Leary
My Penis Is My Sphinx Befuddled by Answers
My Heart Is a Lake Loud with Drowning

Eric Leigh
Two Dreams about My Father

Joanie V. MacKowski
One Afternoon

Steve Mueske
Blue Poem

Paul Nemser

Peter Nickowitz

Amisha Patel
After Plato

Virginia Smith Rice
[envy everything unstabled and razor-sane]

John Rybicki
This Tape Measure Made of Light

Mary Ann Samyn
In the Countryside of The

Maggie Smith
Last Night on Earth
I Think of You, Erendira

Jennifer Tonge
The Distance between Any Two Points Is Infinite

Jean Valentine
It Was Women
The Leopard

Nance Van Winckel
Act Normal
The Endless Spiel of the D Street Twins

Jonathon Weinert
Cytoplasm, Garden Party, Leonid Shower

Mike White
In a Station of The Tube

Arisa White
Loving Him Is Like Trying to Solve a Riddle Whose Answer Is Yes and No. No or Yes. You Will Always be Right and Wrong

Rynn Williams
Sad Balloon
(No Vacancy)

Terry Wolverton

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Liz Countryman
Fort Tyron


Maggie Smith
Last Night on Earth; I Think of You, Erendira


Jean Valentine
It Was Women; The Leopard