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Volume: 189.2 | Year: 2006

Table of Contents:

Pierre Corneille
from The Theatre of Illusion

Albert Goldbarth
He Has

Linda Gregerson
Spring Snow

Lucas Howell
The Poker Players
Primitive Road
Morning Chores

Clive James
Natural Selection

Mary Kinzie
Mountain View

Roger Mitchell
Fisherman's Ditty

Laura Newbern
Maria Returns

John Pursley III
[And what of memory? The car crash we passed]
Belt Buckles & Little Britches

Reginald Shepherd
My Mother Was No White Dove

Charlie Smith
Smarty Pants

Brian Swann
This Place

William Wenthe

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
He Has; 1400


Linda Gregerson
Sweet; Spring Snow