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The Journal
Volume: 30.2 | Year: 2006

Table of Contents:

Seth Abramson
Bad Tidings, Borne Well

Sarah Barber
A Grotesque
Self-Portrait, with Poultry Shears

Andrea Cohen
Port of Embarkation
Further Limits
Temptation to Believe

Denise Duhamel

John Gallaher
The Other Confession
A Guess Is Spiritual Then, & Will Try to Help You

Lois Hirshkowitz

Cynthia Hogue
Behind the Curve

Charles Jensen
La Agrado
La Agrado (2)

Kimberly Johnson
Easter, Looking Westward

Sydney Lea
The Touch

George Looney
The Sky Might As Well Be a Priest

Marc McKee
Discordant Concourse

Bryan Narendorf
Cancer Triptych

Renee Reighart

Mary Ann Samyn
That's the Jesus I Grew Up With
Tie It to a Rock; Throw It in the Rier

Margot Schilpp
A Rest in the Throat of Air

Melissa Stein
The Prodigies

Mark Svenvold
I Recall Being Beautifully Stoned
Memo: As If Written Somewhere, Say, at a Place Unknown, and, Perhaps, Never to be Known (to Ambrose Pierce)

Brian Swann

Nance Van Winckel
He Never Crawled Before He Walked

Thom Ward
Now and Then a Man Is Born Who Finishes Everyone Else's Sentences

Betsy Wheeler
Bella & Bertrand Barge the Soda Counter
For Instance Your Lips
Something for the Low End

Philip White

Eliot Khalil Wilson
US Defends Afghan Village Bombing

Catherine Wing

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Gallaher
The Other Confession; A Guess Is Spiritual Then, & Will Try to Help You