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Volume: 22 | Year: 2009

Table of Contents:

Jennifer Atkinson
Landscape with Goat's Eye
Landscape with Mud Turtle

Tina Barr
Before the Prophet's Birthday

Maya Bejerano
from The Hymns of Job
Autumn Leaf

Joelle Biele

Yahya Frederickson
Letters from Kogi

Kelle Groom
Oh don't
The City of Your Final Destination
Unpeopled (People on Fire)

Carolyn Hembree
11 AM Aubade: V. Cleb at 33
Eyecandy at Fifteen

Eva Hooker
What Is Furious and Cold
The Moon Grows Red in Its Reeds

Mark Irwin
Avian, and Lit by Air

Stacy Kidd
A Blackbird
The Devil's Men and Women
And ask for your eyes that night might tear them
Fast, but Mined with a Motion, a Drift

Dale M. Kushner
After the Garden, They
Long Abandoned
The Mothers

Bernard Matambo
About Zimbabwe

Dike Okoro
What Song in This World is Without Sorrow

Carl Phillips
Living Together
Heaven and Earth

Thomas Reiter
Sweet Tree, Sweet Tree
The Convict's Garden, St. Kitts

Jonathon Rice
Detritus and Combustion

Emmanuel Sigauke
A House for Mother
Gonera Bees

Anya Silver
When My Father Told Stories

Mary Szybist
Conversion Figure

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jennifer Atkinson
Landscape with Goat's Eye; Landscape with Mud Turtle


Mark Irwin
Inventory; Horse; Avian, and Lit by Air


Carl Phillips
Living Together; Heaven and Earth


Mary Szybist
Conversion Figure