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American Poetry Review
Volume: 39.1 | Year: 2010

Table of Contents:

Kazim Ali
Dear Shams

Curtis Bauer
Seeing a Tan Woman's Face, Late Winter

Elaine Bleakney
Twin Peaks

Hayden Carruth
In Memoriaum
Father's Day
After Television
For Geof
Financial Effrontery
See You Tomorrow
You Can't Get Here From There

Bridget Carson
Pantoum Primeval

Gillian Conoley
Culte du Moi
Schools of Thought
Pretend You Don't Know Me

Stephen Dobyns

Jennifer Grotz
The Nunnery

Edward Hirsch
Winter in Edinburgh
Once, in Helsinki
What the Last Evening Will Be Like
Useless Government
Isis Unveiled
The Beginning of Poetry
The Case Against Poetry

Maxine Kumin
The Taste of Apple
The Last Elephant

Teresa Leo
"Eating is an Act of Optimism"
She Said: It's Not That Things Bring Us to Tears, but Rather, There are Tears in Things
After Twelve Months, Someone Tells Me It's Time to Join the Living

Michael McGriff
The Sequence of the Night

Dante Micheaux
The Visitation

Idra Novey
The Little Prison

Mary Ruefle
Goodnight Irene
Hold That Thought
Narrow Road to the North
Pipkins of the Minutes
The Art of Happiness

James Schuyler
Letter Poem to Kenneth Koch
Miss Weevy: Will She Make Out Alright?
Far Off
There Is a Certain Something
Poem (I Feel I Know You Very Well)

C. K. Williams
Still, Again

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Gillian Conoley
Culte du Moi; Schools of Thought; Pretend You Don't Know Me


Jennifer Grotz
The Nunnery


Edward Hirsch
Winter in Edinburgh; Once, in Helsinki; What the Last Evening Will Be Like; Useless Government; Isis Unveiled; The Beginning of Poetry; The Case Against Poetry


Mary Ruefle
Goodnight Irene; Hold That Thought; Narrow Road to the North; Provenance; Pipkins of the Minutes; The Art of Happiness