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American Poetry Review
Volume: 39.3 | Year: 2010

Table of Contents:

James Cummins
This Night of All Nights

Tadeusz Dabrowski
Too late for anything, too late for nothing
I missed my moment
A modern poem

Matthew Dickman

Mark Doty
Gates of the Temple

Aaron Fagan

Leonard Gontarek
Summer Day

William Kulik
Ask Tiresias
Lucid Dreams
From the Annals of Chick School
Ms. Rule
Explication de Texte
A Tale of Philadelphia

Brett Fletcher Lauer
Poem to Help Me Help You

Luljeta Lleshanaku
Monday in Seven Days

Sandra Meek
In Case, Since You Left, You've Been Wondering

D. Nurkse
Making Shelves
The Dead Reveal Secrets of Brooklyn
A Brooklyn Wedding
Central Brooklyn
Waking in Greenpoint in Late August

Donald Revell
'Moonlit cedar bursts in pain'
'Mornings on a twig'
'Out to the west'
Winter Solstice

Tomaz Salamun
Status Sonnet
The Command

Jason Schneiderman
Notes on Detention
Billboard Reading: War Is Over
Billboard Reading: (If You Want It)

Rhett Iseman Trull
Introducing My Brother in the Role of Clark Kent

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Matthew Dickman
Talisman; Coffee


Mark Doty
Gates of the Temple


D. Nurkse
Making Shelves; The Dead Reveal Secrets of Brooklyn; A Brooklyn Wedding; Central Brooklyn; Waking in Greenpoint in Late August


Donald Revell
Alsace; 'Moonlit cedar bursts in pain'; 'Mornings on a twig'; 'Out to the west'; Victorians; Winter Solstice


Tomaz Salamun
Dawn; Status Sonnet; The Command; Bell