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Volume: 30.2 | Year: 2010

Table of Contents:

Sherman Alexie
Another Proclamation
Looking Glass

Brian Barker
Gorbachev's Ubi Sunt from the Future that Soon Will Pass

Linda Maria Baros
Sometimes, Like Airy Forms

Penelope Cray
One Possible Discourse on God
Love, Marie A.
The Jar

Xi Du
A Clockmaker's Memory

Nancy Eimers
Moonless Night on Utopia Parkway

John Gallaher
Of Heaven as a Summer Afternoon
In the Subsumed Cities

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson
Proximities Just Out of Reach

Katherine Hollander
Great War

Troy Jollimore
Tom Thomson in Terror
Tom Thomson in Tumult

Venus Khoury-Ghata
House built on the lower lip of the ravine

Sydney Lea

Jay Leeming

Alex Lemon
Pins & Needles
I Love You Big Brother
My Fallow Human Beans

Ada Limon
Good Girls

Matthew Lippman
Like Lizards

William Logan
Midges in Material Form
Melville in the Straits

Randall Mann

Salgado Maranhao

Mihaela Moscaliuc
Visit Home

David Petruzelli
On Viewing the Silent Trailer of The Great Gatsby

James Richardson
from Classic Bar Scenes
Songs for Senility

Emmy Roulette
This Sporting Life

Margaret Peters Schwed
Shelter, a Photograph

Charlie Smith
Whom Mothers Steer Their Children From

Austin Smith
Eulogy for a Ventriloquist Spoken by a Ventriloquest
American Gothic

Michael Snediker

Jay Thompson
Late Air

David Wagoner
Pounding Swords into Ploughshares

Hu Xudong
My Dear Gecko

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Brian Barker
Gorbachev's Ubi Sunt from the Future that Soon Will Pass


John Gallaher
Of Heaven as a Summer Afternoon; In the Subsumed Cities


Alex Lemon
Pins & Needles; I Love You Big Brother; My Fallow Human Beans


Michael Snediker