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American Poetry Review
Volume: 37.5 | Year: 2008

Table of Contents:

Richard Cecil
Shakespeare's Last Poem

Paul Celan
The Death
And heavy
The Breathlessness of Thinking
The Real Scab
The Rope
You Are Without End
Gershom, You Tell It

Robin Ekiss
The Bird of God

Rae Gouirand

Bob Hicok
The end of all need
The practical tycoon
Beauty is only carcinoma deep

David Huerta
Song of Money
Sweet Angel
Before Saying Any of the Great Words
Song of Unease

Anna Journey
The Nurse's Diagram of the Tracheotomy

Kristin Kelly
Sea to Sea, Shining

Glenna Luschei
Treading on Plums

Anne Marie Macari
XIX. (Now That You Are Dead)
XX. (The Words Were Ambrosia)
XXI. (A Scratchy Radio Voice Whispers)
XXII. (Gold Littering Sidewalks)
XXIII. (Now, Believing Only in What No One)
XXIV. (Who Comes to Me?)
XXV. (Empty It, All of It)
XXVI. (In the Beginning was the Animal)
XXVII. (Such Was Our Luck)
XXVIII. (What I Wake to)
XXIX. (We Traveled as Seeds and Dust Travel)

Valerie Martinez
from Each and Her

Carlos Marzal
Little Sleeper
Four Drops of Oil

Kirk Nesset
The Boar and Salt Water

Gregory Orr
from How Beautiful the Beloved

Vern Rutsala
A Likely Story
Chickens in a Hail Storm
An Anger

Reginald Shepherd
To Summon Up a Son
A Man Named Property

Bruce Snider
It's the Dog

Bruce Weigl
The World Part One
Roses for the Reader
On the Little Juniata River, June 2007
The Abundance of Nothing
Paradise of Pain
The Old Year
I Almost Didn't See the Toad
When I'm Gone
This Boy
One Lie

Rachel Zucker
When All Hands Were Called ot Make Sail

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Paul Celan
Together; The Death; Wolfsbane; And heavy; The Breathlessness of Thinking; The Real Scab; The Rope; You Are Without End; Gershom, You Tell It; Polish; Pulse-Darts


Bob Hicok
The end of all need; The practical tycoon; Beauty is only carcinoma deep


Rachel Zucker
When All Hands Were Called ot Make Sail