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Volume: 32.1 | Year: 2012

Table of Contents:

Pamela Alexander
Pick Up

Tommy Archuleta
At the Church of Beethoven

Malachi Black

Bruce Bond
The Gate

Breyten Breytenbach
the incomplete poem

Chris Bullard
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Bourgeoisie
Dear Leatherface

Matthew Cooperman
Cavern Clay

Julio Cortazar
Summation in Autumn

Weston Cutter
Virginia Is for Lovers

Marosa di Giorgio
from Emerald Table

Margaret MK Hess
My Giant

Sean Karns
From a Tree Limb

Heather Kirn Lanier
Cover Letter
The War We Barely Knew

Corey Marks
The Black Bear at Closing

James Davis May

Pablo Neruda
To the Foot, from Its Child

Sarah Rose Nordgren
Tending the Flocks

Alan Michael Parker
A Prisoner of Things

Kevin Phan
Yuki Dreams of Holsteins--

John Poch
The Academic

D. A. Powell
Traveling Light

Pierre Reverdy
An Instant

Rainer Maria Rilke
Piano Practice
A Portrait of a Lady of the Eighteen-Eighties
The Poet
Portrait of My Father as a Young Man

Taije Silverman

R. T. Smith
Within Shouting Distance of the Coosa

Eric Smith
Ash Wednesday
Mid-Century Miami
Step Well

Bruce Snider
Tornado Season
Closing the Gay Bar Outside Gas City

Peter Streckfus
Body of Water
Body of Moving and Light

Elaine Terranova

David Wagoner
My Cousin Paul Starts a Fire

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
The Gate


Sarah Rose Nordgren
Tending the Flocks


Kevin Phan
Yuki Dreams of Holsteins--


D. A. Powell
Traveling Light


Taije Silverman