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Volume: 38.4 | Year: 2012

Table of Contents:

Keith Althaus
This Candle

Valerie Bandura
Two Weeks

Ellen Bass

Ciaran Berry
The Centaur of Volos

James Crews
My Father in the Rustling Trees

Carl Dennis
Laundry Day

Hilary Vaughn Dobel
Run Away, Join Circus

Peter Everwine
A Story Can Change Your Life

Ona Gritz

Barbara Hamby
Ode to the Messiah, Thai Horror Movies, and Everything I can't Believe
Ode to the Triple

Kerry Hardie
The Latvians Stir Ghosts

Tony Hoagland
December, with Antlers
Introduction to Matter

Brenna Lemieux

Matthew Lippman
You Got to the Sea

Dave Nielsen
Poem about a Still Life

D. Nurkse
August on the Coast

January Gill O'Neil
The Blower of Leaves

Rebecca Okrent
My Ship Has Sails

Gretchen Primack
You Are a Prince

Grace Schauer

Jen Silverman
Bath 3 (Iowa City)
Bath 4 (Kentucky)
Bath 5 (New Hampshire)

Maria Terrone
A Hologram State of Mind

David Thacker
Haloed Flotsam

Nance Van Winckel

Ryan Vine
Rule 1

Afaa Michael Weaver
Visit #1

Eric Weinstein
One Good King

Stephen Neal Weiss
Arriving at the End

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ellen Bass


Tony Hoagland
December, with Antlers; Introduction to Matter


D. Nurkse
August on the Coast