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Volume: 10.2 | Year: 2013

Table of Contents:

Kristin George Bagdanov
Curdle & Churn

Oliver Bendorf
The Doctors Told Me the Shots Would Make Me Spin Silk

Doug Paul Case
When He Pins Your Knees at Your Ears

Blas Falconer

Megan Fernandes
Big Sur

Rebecca Morgan Frank
From Zamboanga to Hong Kong

Lisa Hiton
Egyptian Daydream

John James
Clock Elegy

Liz Kay
Faith--the Witch Offers Something to Believe In

Dan Kraines

Janet McNally
Eurydice and Orpheus Stay Up Late

Julia Anna Morrison

Catherine Jean Pond
Castle Speaks

Richard Prins
Pantoum by Leonard Cohen

Ashley Toliver
Dear Night Professor

Sasha West
What It Used to Be Like

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John James
Clock Elegy


Julia Anna Morrison