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Laurel Review
Volume: 49.2 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Janelle Adsit
As the News That Cannot Leave You

Jeffrey Allen
An Obituary
An Obituary

Toby Altman
Arcadian Rhetoric ( )

Sally Ball
Who Would I Show It To?

Bruce Bond
Golden Ratio

Kerry Tepperman Campbell
Dreaming of France #107

Maxine Chernoff

Christopher Citro
Right Like Yellow Along a Banana

Rob Cook
In the Season Known as "Today's Shooting"

Matthew Cooperman
32 Variations on Billy the Kid

Emily J. Cousins
OCT. (all night)

Dinah Cox
Just Saying Hello

Kristina Marie Darling
Gorgeous Nothing

Dennis Etzel, Jr.
from My Grunge of 1991

Shawn Fawson
Night Comes On

Peter Leight
Small Scale

Alex Lemon
But Being So
I Am Thinking that You Are Thinking What I'm Thinking

Jennie Malboeuf

Oscar Oswald
from The Chapbook The Precepts (Postscript)

Simon Perchik

Michael Robins
You Know It's Nearly Spring
Without Streets We Can't Go Anywhere

Kathleen Rooney
Les Vacances de Hegel

Stan Sanvel Rubin

Chris Santiago
Counting in Tagalog

Veronica Schuder

Kent Shaw
The definition of curtail
What happens to a sentimental animal these days

Martha Silano
Address from the Konga River, Wild Waves Theme Park

Ingela Strandberg
[In the moment]
[The first touch]

Adam Strauss
Hapless Transport

Jason Tandon
The Engine Has Stalled
Moon Poem

Tony Trigilio

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jeffrey Allen
An Obituary; An Obituary


Toby Altman
Arcadian Rhetoric ( )


Bruce Bond
Golden Ratio


Kristina Marie Darling
Salvage; Awe; Gorgeous Nothing


Alex Lemon
But Being So; I Am Thinking that You Are Thinking What I'm Thinking