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Southern Review
Volume: 53.1 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Wendy Barker
On Scissors and Matisse

Joelle Biele
Prodigal: Greta Sorensen

Karina Borowicz

David Bottoms
Other Evidence
The Grocer's Tackle Box

George David Clark

Deborah Flanagan
Two of a Kind

Nancy Carol Moody
Elegy for Aunt Gus, in Advance

Charles Simic
Charmed Circle
The Lifeboat
Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy

David St. John

Ryan Teitman
An Essay on Criticism

Jeanne Wagner
Touch It Every Day

Joe Wilkins
Klamath Q&A

Poets of Interest in this issue:

David Bottoms
Other Evidence; The Grocer's Tackle Box


Charles Simic
Charmed Circle; The Lifeboat; Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy