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Volume: 84 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Amy Beeder
Among Us

Elisa Biagini
from Watering the Plant of Drowning

Bruce Bond

Joseph J. Capista
Kid Happens

T. Zachary Cotler
from Yss of Li

Dara Elerath
The Museum: Ashtray
The Museum: Woman with Apple

J. P. Grasser
Stumbling on Clair de Lune

Golan Haji
To Aras Bengo
To Mohammed Samy al-Kayalli
To Raed Naqshabandi
To Ruwa Riche

John Hodgen
Measure for Measure

George Kalogeris

John Kinsella
Blackbirds and Blake's Illustrations to Dante's Purgatory, Canto 1

Laura Kolbe
Imagining Marriage, #52

Mark Kraushaar
Officer Crowley
Top Hat, 1935

Steve Kronen
The Angels
The Horses of Achilles
Maker of Bowls

Matthew Landrum
The Road to Santa Clara

David Naimon
The Four Auricles

Chad Parmenter
The Summer Peepers Couldn't Be the Sources of Their Chorus

Jordan Smith
The Fall

Yerra Sugarman
from Lullabies for the Dead

Eric Weinstein
An Apparatus for Receiving or Transmitting
Little Harmonic Labyrinth

Cynthia Zarin
from Orbit

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond


Jordan Smith
The Fall