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New Ohio Review
Volume: 20 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Lisa Badner
Facebook Friends
Parent/Teacher Conference
This Is Not an Obituary

Ansie Baird
Reno Redux

Claire Bateman
Ancient Stone Coin, Diameter Six Feet
The New Loneliness

Lisa Bellamy
Black-Eyed Susan

Heather Bowlan
January 12th

Chanel Brenner
November 1st

Graham Coppin
Response to Medical Questionnaire Furnished by Mount Sinai

Robert Cording
Anniversary Gift

Andy Cox

Kim Farrar
She-Monster Gets Fired
Why It's Hard to Write About My Brother

David Gullette
The Cave

W. J. Herbert
Bluebirds Are Cavity Nesters

Darla Himeless
Chino, California

David Brendan Hopes
Certain Things

Alison Jarvis

Daryl Jones

Jay Leeming
Bag It, Box It, Haul It Away

Jill Leininger
Night Dodge

Amit Majmudar
The Potter's Field

Christopher Brean Murray
Abandoned Settlement

David O'Connell
History Will Remember

Michael Pearce
Henry's Horses
The Pale Man
The Boy on the Ridge

Joyce Peseroff
Horse on a Plane

Peter Schmitt
The Skeleton in My Grandfather's Closet

Emily Sernaker
Full Disclosure

Young Smith
My Good Brother
Here There Was a Stool with a Crippled Leg

James Tolan

Marc Tretin

Angela Voras-Hills
Watching Nature on PBS

Charles Harper Webb
Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Amit Majmudar
The Potter's Field