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Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Volume: 3.1 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Lauren Banks
Our Backyard

Shevaun Brannigan
After Staring at a Kandinsky

Tara Shea Burke
Dreamwork or Love
Earliest Memory

Maggie Colvett
The Boy Rilke
Bat Watching

Laura Creste
Cards Against Humanity
Plant Life

Zach Czaia
An Aesthetic

Carlina Duan
Your Mom Tells You To Stop Writing About Race

Meg Eden
News Forecast on Forthcoming Tsunami
All Summer I Wore

Heid E. Erdrich
The Gig of Light
The Honey Suckers

Aidan Forster
Third Night

Ariel Francisco
My Dad's Gun
Nighthawks of the 24-Hour Donut Shops

Jeannine Hall Gailey
Post-Apocalypse Postcard with American Girl

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick
How Anger Is Made

Shamar Hill
Photographs of an Imagined Childhood
The Islay Prophecy
The Bathroom was the Only Room with a Door

Jade Hurter
Leda & the Swan

Marlin M. Jenkins
Lessons in fear
on having an anxiety attack in an empty bathtub
Psalm for the self-hatred
The first time I visited a friend's home in a nicer neighborhood

Emily Koehn
Dear College, December

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
Symptoms of Faithlessness

Travis Lau

Casandra Lopez
After Bullet

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Burying the Cat
Looking Out Your Window, I Remember the Oak Tree Which Is Now Only a Ghost
City of Sandalwood

Victoria Lynne McCoy
The Year of Blue Mornings

Sarah Frances Moran
La Dama ("the lady")

Alison Pelegrin
Ode to New Construction on a Meth Lab Burial Ground
To the Recruitment Office of the West St. Tammany Parish KKK

Meghan Privitello
God As Sicily
[When a child hears gunshots]

Tiah Lindner Raphael
What I Mean When I Say I Hate Hospitals

MJ Santiago

Barbara Schwartz
Love Song

Natalie Solmer
The Smallest Apartment
Night in Jamaica

Melissa Studdard
To Be With Trees
Life Is the Saddest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Carolyn Williams-Noren
The Distinguished Poet Leafed Through My Manuscript Then Told Me to Try to Write About a Tender Moment of Motherhood

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marlin M. Jenkins
Lessons in fear; on having an anxiety attack in an empty bathtub; Psalm for the self-hatred; The first time I visited a friend's home in a nicer neighborhood


Meghan Privitello
God As Sicily; [When a child hears gunshots]