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New American Writing
Volume: 34 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Lisa Alden
The Fold

Steve Barbaro
Guilt of the Graphomaniac

Danielle Bero

Eleanor Mary Boudreau
[Sonnet: Boston Proper]

Jennifer S. Cheng
from Letters to Mao

Lara Coley
The Women Who Forget There Is Water
The Men Who Photograph Cathedrals
The Women Who Are Buried Breathing

Roger Desy
Shining - Whitening
Fear of Fields

Jose Diaz
Just Another Murder

Tongo Eisen-Martin
It's Midnight Already

Dan Encarnacion
Forward Friends
Dispositioned Man

Adam Fagin
A Mountain in Several Brushstrokes
Figurative Depth

Norman Fischer
This Poem Is Perfectly Clear

Logan Fry
Gershwin's Wash Room
Essential Isles

Stacy Gnall

Margaret Hanshaw
Nesting Doll

Jeff Hardin
Expounding Past Anyone's Interest to Hear
Appeal Offered Up in View of a Steeple and Ridge

Mark Irwin
In the Mouth

Daniil Kharms
The Whorled
Numbers Cannot Be Defined by Their Sequence
The Infinite; That Is, the Answer to All Questions

Caroline Knox
Sun God Appears
Back and Forth

Noelle Kocot
The Home of the Foot
Apologia for a Swan
The Secret Place
The Gauge

Sylvia Legris
Lo. [Dearest Areius]
Pick Me.
Unpicked Inexplicably.

Francois Luong
from The Glass Transition

Christina Mengert
On Motion
Reverse Polarity

Luke Muyskens
Dog Medicine
For the Boy Eating Jolly Ranchers

Muriel Nelson
A Kind of Doting

John Olson
Buffalo Bill in the Holy Land
Occupational Hazard

Alexandria Peary
The Water Draft,

Mary Peelen

Ann Pelletier
from Letter That Never

Craig Santos Perez
from The Legends of Jan Malo

Aurelia Cortes Peyron
Snow Dreams
Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Noah Pollock
[I Don't Want to Go In]
[Regarding the Immediate Stone]

Thibault Raoult
Planned Community
Residence la Madeleine

Maxwell Shanley
Apertures - House

Chris Stroffolino
For Alice Notley, on the Occasion of Her 70th Birthday

Shuntaro Tankawa

Barbara Tomash
from Pre-

Amy Jo Trier-Walker
Whoever We Erase

G. C. Waldrep
Strata Florida
Sobriety Calendar (Norway Pond)

Alli Warren
What Gathers Us Here Tonight
Slantwise on the Skyline
I Wanna Be Shipmated

Afton Wilky
No, It's Not a Simple Extension, X and Y
Y Meets X, Six

Steve Wilson
The Rise of the Middle Class
Variations on a Gaelic Lullaby / Cancer Journal

Magdalena Zurawski
Ladies Love Adjuncts
This One Hydra

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jennifer S. Cheng
from Letters to Mao


Logan Fry
Gershwin's Wash Room; Essential Isles


Mark Irwin
In the Mouth; Reach


Caroline Knox
Sun God Appears; Back and Forth


Thibault Raoult
Planned Community; Residence la Madeleine


Chris Stroffolino
For Alice Notley, on the Occasion of Her 70th Birthday


Barbara Tomash
from Pre-


G. C. Waldrep
Strata Florida; Sobriety Calendar (Norway Pond)


Magdalena Zurawski
Ladies Love Adjuncts; This One Hydra