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Volume: 90 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Samuel Amadon
My Delinquency
Volley, Spate, Plethora
To the Drains

Tara Bray

Paula Closson Buck

A. V. Christie
Driven to Distraction

Darin Ciccotelli
Night Disolving in Whatever It Is I Look At

Christine Cook
A Graveyard up Through Which Woods Have Grown

Peter Cooley
Maybe You Recognize the Shining through Incarnations in the Sun and Moon, Mythologies You Studied in Seventh Grade

Gregory Djanikian
Music Making
When It Is Time
A Moment Without Objects

Stacy Gnall
The Discovery of Purple

Rae Gouirand
The Personal

Cynthia Hogue
The Loire Valley (Solstice 2015)
The Way is Narrow

Chloe Honum
Exhaustion in the Psychiatric Ward

Cory Hutchinson-Reuss
At Times What I Wish for the Field I Wish for Myself

Liam Hysjulien

Tasia Kitaiskaia

Esther Lin
It Was One of Kitty's Happy Days
Preservation of the Baylands

George Looney
All Subterfuge

Robin Fulton MacPherson
Shadows on the Moor
Unlit Windows
Our Places

Kyle McCord
Tarrare after the Hospital
Portrait of My Grandfather in Haiti

Evan McGarvey
Pineapple Graves, Yamato Colony, Boca Raton

Jennifer Militello
specimen slide

Lev Ozerov
Ksenia Alexandrovna Nekrasova
Vladimir Andreyevich Favorsky

Chad Parmenter
Our Farm's Warm Form of the Cold War
When I Was Baptized in Missouri Dirtf

Jessica Reed
Light, A Disturbance

Ely Shipley

Rosanne Smith
She, Too, Knew Exile

Adam Tavel
It Pays in Exposure
Lines Overheard Before a Faculty Meeting

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Samuel Amadon
My Delinquency; Volley, Spate, Plethora; To the Drains


Darin Ciccotelli
Night Disolving in Whatever It Is I Look At


Gregory Djanikian
Music Making; When It Is Time; A Moment Without Objects


Kyle McCord
Tarrare after the Hospital; Portrait of My Grandfather in Haiti


Ely Shipley