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Volume: 41.1 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Fleur Adcock
Real Estate

John Agard
A Debate

Patience Agbabi
Museum (1590)

Dick Allen
What You Should Leave

Gillian Allnut
Predictive Text
Nearing Warminster

Keith Althaus

Moniza Alvi

Nin Andrews
White Lightning

Simon Armitage
The Subconscious

Emily Berry
Two Birds

Sujata Bhatt
Self-Portrait as a Soul

Ryan Black
This Is Cinerama

Rachael Boast
Secret Alphabets
The Script of Sleep
Night of Echoes

Sean Borodale
Down into St. Cuthbert's Swallet

Marianne Boruch
The Breathing

John Burnside
Annunciation in Gray and Black
A brief digression on the picaresque
In Praise of Flight

Matthew Caley

Kayo Chingonyi
In Defense of Darkness

Polly Clark
Tiger, Tiger

Gillian Clark
The Brown Hare
The Mothering

Sophie Collins

David Constantine
The Lady on the Lid
Cote coeur

Fred D'Aguiar

Nia Davies
the most emotionally disturbing (or upsetting) thing

Louis de Paor
Boithre / Chaos Theory

Imtiaz Dharker
Out of line

Peter Didsbury
The Conclave
A Pasture for Gazelles

Stephen Dobyns

Maura Dooley

Helen Dunmore
In Secret
The Lamplighter

Douglas Dunn
"Wondrous Strange"

Menna Elfyn
Ysgol Gan y drudwns / Singing School for Starlings

Ruth Fainlight
Meditations on Yellow

Vicki Feaver
The Snow Queen

Elaine Feinstein
A Wand of Rosewood

Nick Flynn
My Feelings

Emily Fragos
After Durer

John Glenday
The Grain of Truth

Vona Groarke
Stone Trees

Philip Gross

Barbara Hamby
New Orleans Dithyramb

Choman Hardi
Gas Attack
Dispute over a Mass Grave
Escaping Kanitu, March 1988

David Harsent
from Salt

W. N. Herbert
Fish-Fight at the Basilica Cisterns
June Dolphin

Tracey Herd
The Case of the Inconvenient Corpse

Rita Ann Higgins
Costa Del Dento

Selima Hill
Swimming Chickens

Tony Hoagland

John Hodgen
Upon Reading That Among the Twenty-five Thousand Pages of Love Letters That Passed Between Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe Over a Period of Thirty

Michael Hofmann
Cavafy: Subrosa

Matthew Hollis

Sarah Howe

Andrew Hudgins
All De Doo-Dah Day

Major Jackson
Night Steps

Jackie Kay
Would Jane Eyre Come to the Information Desk?

Suji Kwock Kim
Enemy of the State
Return of the Native

Michael Klein

Dorianne Laux

Gwyneth Lewis
Fluctuations of Going

Luljeta Lleshanaku

Michael Longley
The Trilobite

Roddy Lumsden
from By Numbers

Thomas Lux
Ode to the Eraser as Big as a Bus
Ode While Awaiting Execution

aonghas macneacail
foghar eile / another autumn

Olivia McCannon

Medbh McGuckian
Encounters with Dust

Jamie McKendrick

Paula Meehan
The Blues
The Patternings
The Old Professor

Anne Michaels
Ask Aloud

Esther Morgan
At the Checkout

Sinead Morrissey
My Seventeenth-Century Girlhood

Helen Mort

Andrew Motion
Laying the Fire

Paul Muldoon

Grace Nichols
The Shilling and the Princess

Sean O'Brien
World's End

Caitriona O'Reilly
The Man With No Name as Vital Principle: A Ghazal

Frank Ormsby
The Willow Forest

Pascale Petit
Mama Amazonica
Jaguar Girl
My Wolverine

Clare Pollard
At Peckham Rye

Jacob Polley

Kate Potts
Shoplifter of the world

Shazea Quraishi
Fallujah, Basra: A Poem in Four Voices

Deryn Rees-Jones
A Courtship

Roger Reeves
from The Golden Abacus

Sophie Robinson

Michael Ryan
Now Is When
Classroom Incident
Death of a Priest

Lawrence Sail
The Dangerous Seductiveness of Rhymes

Eva Salzman
The Plagiarist

Jacob Sam-La Rose
Some Tentative Definitions: "B"

Warsan Shire
Her Blue Body Full of Light

Penelope Shuttle
A piece of osmium about the size of a paper grocery bag weighs as much as a new car a small Honda Accord for instance

Ciara Shuttleworth

Aaron Smith
Middle School Summer

Austin Smith
Atropa Belladonna

Pauline Stainer
The leavening
Frankenstein on Orkney

Anne Stevenson
In Passing

Greta Stoddart

Matthew Sweeney
My Problem

George Szirtes
Animal Inside

Chrys Tobey
I Am Pretending There Was No Restaurant

James Valvis
The Deer

Mark Waldron
Yes I admit that I have ate
You know that intermingled time of night and day

Ahren Warner
Etching, Drypoint

Amy Woolard
How to Walk Backwards into a Black & White House

Karen McCarthy Woolf
Of Ownership

Matthew Zapruder
Summer Poem #3

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Emily Berry
Two Birds


Marianne Boruch
The Breathing


Nick Flynn
My Feelings


Tony Hoagland


Michael Hofmann
Cavafy: Subrosa; Midterms


Major Jackson
Night Steps


Thomas Lux
Ode to the Eraser as Big as a Bus; Ode While Awaiting Execution


Medbh McGuckian
Encounters with Dust


James Valvis
The Deer


Matthew Zapruder
Summer Poem #3